Sneak Peek: How iOS 4.3’s iTunes Home Sharing Feature Works



Have you ever wanted to watch a movie from iTunes on your iPhone without actually syncing anything?

With iOS 4.3 and iTunes 10.2, your dreams will come true. iTunes Home Sharing is a new feature of iOS 4.3, which will be released to the public on March 11. It was demonstrated earlier this week at the iPad 2 launch event.

Home Sharing will allow you to easily share your music, videos, and photos to any iOS 4.3 device over your local WiFi network. This eliminates the need for third-party applications or transcoding software.

Here’s how it works:

This is a feature that I’ve always wanted, and it’s finally nice to see Apple give it to everyone.

The process is very simple, and it starts out in iTunes 10.2.

  1. In the “Advanced” menu in iTunes, click on Turn on Home Sharing.
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password, then click on Create Home Share.
  3. Finally, click on Done.

The rest of the process will take place on whatever iOS device’s you’d like to use Home Sharing with.

  1. Open up the stock Settings app.
  2. Find the settings for iPod.
  3. You’ll see a few text fields for Home Sharing. Enter your Apple ID and password here.
  4. Open up the iPod app, photos app, or the video app.
  5. It may take up to 30 seconds for your shared libraries to show up in these applications.

That’s it! Within 30 seconds, you’re able to share all of your iTunes content (music/photos/videos) to your iOS 4.3 devices (as long as you’re on your local WiFi network).


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  • Aaron Houssian

    And then with your VPN…. anywhere!

  • Anthony

    What about the limits?

    Home sharing is currently limited to 5 computers, right? Will this iPad / iPhone connection take one of those connections? Because I’m already struggling to stay within this limit with my existing devices : iMac, Macbook air, Apple TV, Wife’s MacBook and my Daughters Mac Mini – there will be no room left for my ipad, iPhone, wife’s iPhone, Daughter’s iPod, and soon to be added iPad 2!

    Perhaps I’m just greedy!

  • buyrihn_the_amazing

    Great—now there’s home sharing in iTunes, so the Remote app is what, worthless? I have an original Apple TV, and the ONLY reason I liked it so much, was that it served as a cheap music server. In my house, I have the Apple TV hooked up to my main receiver, and a few airport express’s littered around the house connected to other speakers. My music flows brilliantly throughout my place, and I used to control it all from the Remote app, which connects to the Apple TV.

    There are some slight differences in using the Apple TV as the music library, however; the most glaring of which is the lack of individual volume control for the AE’s. When connected to a computer’s library, I can control the volume of each AE and Apple TV individually; when connected to the Apple TV as the library, no such options present itself. And then of course there’s the whole lack of AirPlay to the old Apple TV.

    So now, what’s the point of the Remote app? Apple has clearly deprecated the old Apple TV to the technology graveyard by having missing features that can (easily?) be implemented. Ah, Remote App… we barely knew ye.

  • Alan

    Home sharing will play the audio/video on your mobile device while remote lets you control what the computer will play. Subtle but important difference.

  • buyrihn_the_amazing

    Ah. Forgot that there are some that don’t use the Airport Express for beaming music, and rather use their computer tethered to speakers for controlling their melodic atmosphere.

  • pcow


    It’s so good news. iPhone 5 are coming. I think you are waiting for this.

    For more news and help you may can go above link.

  • Nitesher

    you mentioned photos? how does that work?

  • theguycalledtom

    You’ve missed the point brother. This is so you can play your 100gb iTunes library on your 16gb iPhone while connected to your local wifi. This has nothing to do with playing audio to your remote speakers (unless you connect your speakers through your iOS device instead of using an airport express.)

  • theguycalledtom

    I’m pretty sure iPods or iOS devices do not count as part of that “5 computers” figure. “5 computers” literally means that you can only link 5 computers to your account.

    We have five people with 5 laptops in our family and we are using home sharing. Our two Apple TVs in the house can connect even though there are already 5 computers associated with that iTunes account. Plus our iPhones already utilise home sharing via the remote app.

  • computer

    actually you can still airplay over to any speakers you want… so yah the remote is pretty useless. the subtle difference that people site is crap feature that’s more of a side effect now, nobody with a music server really cares about that.

  • crowdedroad

    Just wait.. Remote will surely get an update to manage connected iOS devices also.

  • buyrihn_the_amazing

    I guess that’s my fear in a nutshell—it won’t get updated. Let’s not forget that one guy(!) at Apple is singlehandedly responsible for the and it’s iPad upgrade. With this new addition, what’s the point? It works fine for people using it to control their computer connected to speakers. What it needs tweaking for, is for users like me, using it to control music on their original AppleTV.

    And I think that will never happen.

  • justwondering

    I may be wrong, but it seems that airplay will only send to one pair of speakers. So if I want to listen to the same source at multiple locations throughout my house and patio, Remote is still the best way to control the source and volume of each Airport Express.

  • Berkeley Goodloe

    Airport Express sucks for streaming music. Sonos is the way to go.

  • carrvin8

    Friggin’ A!!!

  • theguycalledtom

    Remote is one of the best Apps on iOS. I use it every day to control my Apple TV and control iTunes on my music server to my Airplay speakers.

    You clearly don’t understand what the remote app is there for.

  • theguycalledtom

    You also control the Apple TV using the remote App. Making typing much easier. It also allows you to control iTunes remotely, and choosing which Airplay speakers to play through.

  • Prauny

    Home sharing also supports video out on my iPhone. So I can watch my videos on my wide screen TV streamed from my computer. I don’t have an Apple TV, but with an iPod Touch or iPhone connected to my TV is there any need for my to get one?

  • Davis

    I have tried doing this with VPN and no luck. Has anyone had luck doing “homeshare” remotely with VPN?

  • Davis

    Sorry let me be more clear. I have not tried this with VPN from one computer to another. What I am trying to do is use a VPN connection on my iPhone (which I have set up) VPN into my network (this already works and I am able to access local IP addresses via my iPhone when I VPN into my network) and then access homeshare via my iPhone to my shared computer on my home network.