iPad Suit Launches 2.0 Version


Jacket Open Both Sides 1

With the slimmer, lighter iPad 2 you may be wondering whether special clothing is still needed to haul it around.

After all, the latest version of the magical device is even more cargo-pants friendly than the previous one.

Mohan’s Custom Tailors is betting that men will prefer a way to carry it in your suit jackets – rather than going all “murse.”

They’re launching a redesigned blazer, all the better to hold your iPad 2 with.

So far, they’ve sold about 500 iPad suits since last June, with prices starting at $599 a pop. They tell us they’ve received a ton of calls placing orders yesterday after the iPad 2 launch. The redesigned blazers start at $450.

People are getting ready—iPad2 fever has hit NYC in anticipation of the shipping date of March 11,“ says spokesperson Deena Rosenberg.

How are you carrying your iPad around now? Any interest in getting suited up?