Forget the iPad 3, The iPad 2 Is Awesome Right Now!



I feel pretty bad about yesterday’s post about the iPad 3 being the one to make a song and dance about. I’m sure the iPad 3 will be great when it comes out, but for right now, the iPad 2 is a great upgrade. This is not a ho-hum update, as our anonymous Apple staffer suggested.

It’s a rockstar from Mars update. It runs on tigerblood.

The slimmed-down weight and bulk make a big difference. It’s much easier to hold and handle. It’s pretty astonishing that Apple managed to cram in so more, yet made the case so incredibly thin. That is rockstar engineering.

The cameras should have been in there all along, of course, but the addition now makes the iPad much closer to feature-complete.

But the real magic of the device is the integration of hardware and software. Look at the piano in Garageband. You tickle the virtual keys softly and it plays softly. But hammer on them and you sound like Little Richard. The iPad 2’s screen is touch-sensitive, thanks to the built-in accelerometer, which tells the iPad how hard you are touching the screen. Watch the video of it in action here. It really is pretty astonishing!

Without that integration of hardware and software, other tablets are just fancy digital picture frames, as Wired’s Brian Chen noted on Twitter.

The iPad 2 is pure Apple: it proves that Apple is its own most ruthless competitor. Overnight, 15 million first-generation iPads were rendered obsolete.

Apple’s competitors are dead in the water. Steve Jobs is a master of hyperbole, but this time he’s right. There’s no doubt about it: 2011 is the year of the iPad 2.

  • S. Mulji

    If 2011 is the Year of iPad 2, like SJ said, then it wouldn’t make any sense to bring out an “iPad 3” in September like many previous rumors have alluded to.

  • YellowstoneRocks

    I think the closing rhetoric in the video defining 2011 as the year of the ipad 2 and how the ipad 2 will continue to lead for years to come is a clue that we will not see a ipad 3 this fall… next march at the earliest.

  • Les Surdykowski


  • Harriot

    Fully agree. It made it clear there will be no iPad 3 this year. And I certainly will NOT wait for it. I got a nerdgasm from the iPad 2 presentation, will pick it up as soon as possible.
    So much for “incremental update”. This is full on awesome.

  • Stephen Brain

    Not obsolete – merely superseded. The old ones still work well.

  • S. Mulji

    No kidding. Only in geekdom does a 2X CPU, 9X GPU, front / rear camera, thinner, ligher, same battery life and $499 starting price qualify as incremental upgrade. Performance-wise iPad 2 is a beast.

    Apple didn’t show off iMovie & Garageband for nothing. They’re there to showcase the potential power of this device.

    This is Apple saying they released a much faster hardware to help unleash the next generation of applications, not just for consumption, but content creation as well. That’s the strategy (my guess of course) Apple is taking with this.

    I can’t wait to see what kind of apps we’ll see when devs starting taking advantage of the hardware.

  • Don Trenton

    It’s a rockstar from Mars update. It runs on tigerblood.

    Haha – good one Leander.

  • erfon elijah

    i think it’s really interesting that steve said 2011 was going to be the year of the ipad 2. seems like a strange statement to make if an ipad 3 is going to be out in 2011 too don’t you think?

  • John McCormick

    iPad 2 great… older iPad obsolete… I don’t agree at all. A bit of hyperbole.

  • Jeff

    I agree, although I prefer “outdated”. The first gen iPad is still an excellent device for many people and you can get it for $350 refurbished.

  • lb51

    When is version 3 coming? You have more information, or just rumors?

  • Icyfog

    So you think it’s more than just an incremental increase in speed?

  • Lg

    It certainly looks like a nice device, but releasing it with as many new capabilities less than a year after releasing the original model has certainly caused me to resent Apple for the first time. I’m not going to drop $700 on a new iPad every year. I hope that my 1st gen device will continue to be useful another year or two. These things are more like computers than iPods. They don’t have a 12 month life cycle. What happens when my battery is shot? Do I get a new model?


    One hell of an Apple Staffer you got there, especially when he mentioned that we will see the new Mobile Me service being previewed today.

  • Sally

    While I agree with the comments here on the timing of the so-called iPad 3, I still think Apple will release additional iPads, called them iPad 2 variations or whatever you like, in September to start a new release cycle. I believe there will be at least two more models: High-end pro (with retina display, more RAM, and larger storage) and low-end (large iPod Touch) with 5″ – 7″ screen.

  • James Hill

    And just like Charlie Sheen, the talk is better than the substance. It’s certainly a step up, but for those of us that use the iPad for gradual web browsing and reading books it isn’t an improvement (only a better DPI is going to bring that).

    Now, if you’re gaming on the iPad, it’s a different story… but I don’t think that’s the majority of users right now, and I bet the sales reflect that.

  • Joel90069

    I appreciate your apology, Leander. Maybe you should drop the “anonymous Apple staffer” from your list of informants. I agree entirely with your post. I’ll be buying one on March 11th. Does anyone know if the new case will work on the first iPad?

  • Paul

    I’d say this is still an improvement for the web browsing and reading bunch. The improved processing power allows webpages to load faster and ibooks to be faster as and more responsive as well. The thinner and lighter design should also help those who read on it.

  • GregY

    Resistance is futile. Resentment is love. Yes you will drop $700 on a new iPad every year, damn it!

  • knowimagination

    does anyone else see the title of this article as “More Detail On Apple’s iPhone Nano [Exclusive]

    It is a fine article I was just really confused. Can’t wait for the 11th to hurry up and get here.

  • ignignokt

    “But hammer on them and you sound like Little Richard. The iPad 2?s screen is touch-sensitive, thanks to the built-in accelerometer, which tells the iPad how hard you are touching the screen. Watch the video of it in action here. It really is pretty astonishing!”

    Are you saying that it’s picking up Z-direction motion against the screen to determine finger pressure? Has Apple discussed this?

  • M.Raven

    Less likely for an iPad 3 release this year, more likely for an iPad 2.5 though.

  • Brian

    I too, am looking for any traces of iPhone Nano info in this article

  • bappa1101

    Gizmodo’s new version of IPad ,IPad 2 is an advanced version
    from apple on :

    It really helps thing to get easier…

  • tekunoloji

    Where is the iPhone nano news?

  • Greg Smith

    The title on this article and what you wrote don’t relate at all, what’s up with that?? What does this have to do with the iPhone nano? You just talked about the iPad….. ???

  • lkahney

    sorry everyone. the headline was my bad. i edited the story on my iPhone using the WordPress app. I was trying to fix a stupid typo, but somehow the app substituted in an old headline.

    Sorry for confusion.

  • owerrc

    i’ve been holding off on an ipad since last year, finally gonna get one now. can’t wait!!!

  • jnjnjn2

    I agree, its an incredible device with incredible software.
    iMovie and GrarageBand are extremely impressive.

  • lywell

    I don’t think the iPad 2 is awesome!
    Actually, it didn’t have many surprises, no SD slot, no Retina display, and no Gorilla glass, though people say Apple iPad 2 is Faster, Thinner and with Same Price, and maybe feels and acts drastically differently from its predecessor(… ), but it can’t really appeal to me, and buy it at once, I think I would stick with the 1gen iPad, and wait the iPad 3’s launching, maybe it’s not called iPad 3 but iPaper?

  • [Deleted User]

    one idea that I like is that Apple could possibly release a “Pro” styled tablet in september that sports a retina display, more storage and stronger specs, and the OS would be a touch version of Lion. Sounds like a dreamer’s longshot, but I love the idea.

  • Michael Li

    check out this article for what to look for in the ipad 3