Analyst Gives Steve A+ for Just Showing Up, But B+ for iPad 2 Reality



Reactions are mixed on Apple’s iPad 2 announcement. Although the new iPad held some surprises, what most caught the eye of analysts we talked with was that CEO Steve Jobs, out on medical leave, showed up to unveil the next-generation tablet. The announcement “started as an A+ for Steve Jobs presenting and the testosterone contained within the presentation,” Giles Nugent, instructor at the SAE Institute, said by e-mail.

The announcement of front and back cameras, dual processors, faster graphics and more movement sensitivity, also matched Motorola’s recently-released Xoom tablet feature-for-feature, Nugent adds. “In terms of the iPad, I would say it met expectations, but didn’t necessarily surprise anyone.”

Jobs also took a shot at publishers who’ve recently complained about Apple’s requirement for in-app subscriptions to go through the iTunes App Store. “Jobs made it clear that this is the best, most successful store available for distributing their media,” Nugent said.

Jobs outlined three major themes for the iPad’s future. The feature-for-feature match with the Xoom made it obvious the Cupertino, Calif. company doesn’t plan to surrender the mobile gaming market. Talk of business and medical uses for the iPad suggests Apple sees its tablet playing a larger role in business, such as distributing medical records, charts and xrays, the analyst observes.

Nugent also views the addition of front and read cameras is aimed at the iPad’s growing use in business. “The ability to take a picture, add some notes, and store or send it is definitely useful for business. As is the ability to now have a video conference anywhere, anytime.”

As for areas for market growth, the iPad will likely see greater use in social networking, as well as increased integration into business and medical environments. Along with maintaining its place with gamers, the iPad 2 again hopes to replace e-readers from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. “I’m not convinced that the overlap of the book reading market and the game playing/social networking market is enough to supplant cheaper, and more specific reading devices,” Nugent warns.

  • Bob

    Of course nobody was surprised… with all the leaks there’s rarely a secret nowadays.

    I think this is a solid device… can’t wait to get mine!

  • Clark

    Waiting for the next gen – maybe they’ll realize the ‘Built in obsolescence’ – let’s upgrade every year or sooner is something the public won’t continue to accept. No external storage, no iLife or Office support – SD Card slot etc… so much more should have been included.

  • Bolinhadereligiao

    If it weren’t for built in obscelesence we’d be still be using PCs from the 1990s. Fast development is good; whats the problem is when older devices really are much worse than the following generation, when it isn’t good enough in comparison. That isn’t the case with the iPad; the 2nd one is better than 1st, naturally, but the first is still good enough. A camera would be nice and so would a faster processor, but the iPad without those is sufficient.

  • gnomehole

    Thats an A average.. not bad, in a field of D- contenders.

  • gnomehole

    Thats an A average.. not bad, in a field of D- contenders.

  • Guest

    Giles Nugent missed a key point, they offer the “feature-for-feature” iPad2 at nearly half the price of the Zoom. Not to mention it’s superior ecosystem…

  • Bizzways

    Agree with Bob. I was completely satisfied with this upgrade. Very excited to get mine!

  • B066Y

    I’m not trying to be rude but I don’t understand the obsession people have with the lack of SD Card…I have an Android phone and the fact that I have an SD Card annoys the heck out of me…I’m a tech guy so it’s not difficult for me to work with the SD Cards but it just seems like an unnecessary hassle when that memory could be built in. As far as Office goes that is up to MS not Apple. Apples “Office” suite is on the iPad and pages is a great replacement for word. Built in obsolescence is something that has always been, it’s only become more obvious to us as consumers, and as long as the market will allow it businesses with continue doing it.

  • Bizzways

    “Lets upgrade every year or sooner is something the public won’t continue to accept” ? Are you mentally challenged? You must be a 1st gen owner who has his feelings hurt. I apologize for the inconvenience, but apple must continue to release updates to their products, if not then the competition *will* overtake them.

    Not to mention, this is the business of technology we are talking about. You expect things to get refreshed how often, if not (at least) annually? What, two, three years? No thanks. Not only is that an impossibility, but that would be horrible. “You mean I have to wait multiple YEARS for the next iphone!? ugh.”

  • Gavinpapit

    I like how Nugent says it matches the xoom spec for spec…except he’s wrong. the ipad doesn’t match the xoom on price! the ipad is $300 cheaper.

  • Jordan Wyatt

    What the heck is wrong with the haters? The best tablet, by far, with “>90% marketshare” according to the event, and it just got better, it blew my expectations, thats for sure.

    How can it be so thin? So beautiful? Its cool it has cameras, I guess, I never use them, quick quiz, who here uses FaceTime on their iPhone 4?

    I also think its silly to take photos of things with a ~10 inch device, but whatever, the best camera is the one you have with you. I love using my iPhone 4, best camera I’ve ever had, its thin, does HD video, and is always with me, better than any previous Prosumer cameras I’ve owned.

    I recently whipped my iPhone out, and took photos of false teeth I found on a street corner, one photo was used for the front cover of a local newspaper

    Only disappointments I could see from “iPad 2” are no “Retina Display”, which is pretty much impossible… and it doesnt make sense to give it a couple hundred extra dots here or there, surely they will wait until they can make a BIG jump, for compatibility with apps etc.

    That and, uh, the fact I dont have one right now? :-) I’ll still be keeping my Original iPad, I love having first efforts from Apple, like my Original 5GB iPods, so funny to look at compared to the iPod Touch of today :-) And my Original iPhone, ha, hey kids, remember when we didnt have holographic Beyond Human Definition projections? :-)

    Quit their whining! iPad 2 is beyond any reasonable expectations.

  • mlahero

    It’s a nice bit of kit, and certainly not a bad upgrade, but I can’t help but feel that it lacked a certain wow factor. There was nothing there that blew my mind.

  • lwdesign1

    The iPad 2 is a winner! Of course it doesn’t levitate or make my lunch or shine my shoes, but it does just about everything else I could want it to do. I’m looking forward to experimenting with it for live music performance and recording. Apple continues to amaze and delight, except for those who have perpetually empty glasses. The cameras are a great addition, as is the Facetime integration. I’m hoping Skype will work on the iPad 2 so that I can keep in touch with my non-Mac-using friends and family.
    Steve looked a bit thinner, but I was impressed to see him out on stage and delivering yet another great presentation. He’s an astounding individual. He’s done more for the computing, arts, entertainment and connectivity industries in his lifetime than anyone I’m aware of.
    It’s gratifying to see Apple doing so well and holding such a prodigious marketshare lead with the iPod, iPhone and iPad. As sales have also shown, the Mac is increasingly being adopted by switchers from all walks of life. I know people who would never have considered a Mac 5 years ago, now itching to buy one because of their experiences with their other iDevices. Next time you’re flying, glance through the waiting area at your gate and you’ll be surprised at how many MacBooks and MacBook Pros are being used. Last time I flew, I saw more MBP’s than Windows laptops in use–which begs the question: Are Macs just more fun to use and so get used more?

  • iHate_Is_Back

    I recently whipped my iPhone out, and took photos of false teeth I found on a street corner, one photo was used for the front cover of a local newspaper
    I’m not trying to be a smart ass but why in the world would a paper print a picture of false teeth on their front page?

  • Jordan Wyatt

    who knows! I certainly didnt ask them to, they ran with it, if you check my Flickr, as “are you missing these?”

    They were a very odd thing to find as you walked home, someone obviously took them out of their mouth, left them on an electrical box, and wandered off. How much are dentures worth? A lot.

    Very odd. Worthy of a cover? Thats not up to us to decide! :-)

  • ArtiH

    Well all the warnings aside, and the iPad is still winning the war in the market.

  • Bizlaw

    This is technology – it develops so fast that there is no real option but “built-in obsolescence.” What I find interesting is that very few analysts concentrated on the real stunner: 33% reduction in thickness in 1 year time span, and 15% weight loss. As I recall, one complaint people had (and something Samsung has tried to promote) is that the iPad became too heavy in their hands after using it for awhile.

    Just because a new version has come out does not mean you need to buy it. That’s why Apple makes iOS upgrades available for older devices, unlike the trouble Android phones have trying to update to the newest version of Android. Tablets are going to be the same, because physical form factors dictate OS changes by the manufacturer, and most of these guys are more concerned with being able to announce something new than taking care of current customers.

    SD card readers are unnecessary. Get a WiFi SD card and you don’t need cables anyway.

  • arnoldblack

    I don’t think he’ll be around to see ipad3d

  • Iversonjennifer

    Clark you know what go buy a laptop that is what you want is it not. Or is it that you simply can not afford an iPad of your own.

    written on my iPad

  • D-Burrs

    You’re right, he is wrong in that it doesn’t match the xoom spec for spec. The xoom has a higher resolution (1280X800 vs. iPad2 1024X768). The xoom has an sD card slot to expand memory by up to 32GB, while the iPad2 does not. The xoom is expected to support Flash through a future update, while the iPad2 will not. The xoom has integrated HDMI and USB 2.0 ports, while the iPad2 has this capability available through accessory purchase. Price? The iPad is only cheaper at the lower end of its spectrum. Yes, they offer a 16GB wi-fi version, but the 32GB wi-fi version is at price parity with the soon-to-be-released 32GB wi-fi xoom @ $599.00.

    Yes, Apple has nailed it on form factor, and will likely always lead the pack in that regard, but the hardware specs on several fronts are lagging. The real advantage the iPad offers (at the moment) is the 65,000 tablet optimized apps available as compared to the paltry 100? or so tablet optimized apps available on android honeycomb. How long that advantage will remain is one question, and the other question is what does apple have up its sleeve for the next iteration? I, for one, am waiting a bit longer to see the other tablet products that are on the docket for this year that will do all and then some (universal remote tablet, anyone?)