Tom Jones: Load up My iPod, I’m a Luddite


Not too surprising that nearly 70-year-old Sir Tom Jones doesn’t “do” technology.
Hey, he’s a sex bomb, not a geek, ok?

Jones has an iPod with trendy music —  Kings Of Leon and The Ting Tings — but someone else has to load up the device  for him.

“I am useless at the internet and I have never owned a computer,”  Jones told tab The Sun. “I have an iPod but I don’t load it up myself.”

“I don’t get any pleasure from that sort of thing. I have never seen a text message – what’s the point? Why not ring someone up?”

In other, unrelated Jones news, the Welsh crooner has finally decided to give up the Grecian formula and show his gray hair. If he ditches the fake tan, I’m in the front row.

Via the  Sun

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