‘Honk’ Will Save You From Another Pricey Parking Ticket [Must-Have App]


Honk for iPhone

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13 responses to “‘Honk’ Will Save You From Another Pricey Parking Ticket [Must-Have App]”

  1. Jackson Myers says:

    I just use the built in clock app to alert me when my time runs out and I drop a pin in maps to remind me of where i parked.

  2. Sax says:

    I used to do that myself, before I develop the app myself ;-) I’d also open a notepad app to type whatever was necessary to mark the level, color, etc. Occasionally, I even used the camera app and take a picture, which, without proper time-stamps, would become confusing and annoying quickly.

    All it takes to get a parking ticket is a small mental barrier that makes you say “why bother?” at the meter….

  3. Howie Isaacks says:

    Interesting, but I just use my iPhone’s timer to alert me when I’ve run out of time.

  4. Golfer222 says:

    Why don’t you use BackToMyCar. It’s totally free and has a ton of other features. Here is the link to the iTunes store:

  5. Stephen Klein says:

    well the parking meters in NYC now show you the time that your meter will expire…so I just use the alarm clock (which conveniently has save-able event names)

  6. Ruchinee says:

    This sounds pretty awesome. In NYC it is a pain in the arse to park. Just last week, while eating dinner with my parents, I had to step out every hour to pay the meter and sometimes almost missed my alarm. This can be very useful. I always forget where I park my car when I don’t know the area. =/

  7. Tips says:

    Nice article, I think it is useful to me, thanks a lot!

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