Angry Birds Dev Talks Angry Birds 2 In San Francisco Before iPad 2 Event



Speaking to large crowd at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka spent several minutes gushing about Apple for building the App Store and allowing a game like Angry Birds to be bought and enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

Before the App Store, according to Vesterbacka, there was a “carrier-dominated Soviet model” when it came to making games for mobile devices. “Other people decided on our behalf what was a good game and what was a bad game,” Vesterbacka said.

The App Store changed all of that. “We really have Apple to thank [for our success].”

What of Angry Birds 2 though? Vesterbacka said it’s coming, and that Rovio plans on releasing new Angry Birds games (in the plural) this summer.

Chances are, we’re likely to get a sneak peek of those games at tomorrow’s iPad 2 event. Although it is likely just serendipity that both the annual Game Developers Conference and the iPad 2 launch event are taking place during the same week in San Francisco, it seems like the opportunity to get the developer of the App Store’s most popular game on stage and show off his new games would be an impossible impulse for Cupertino to ignore.

Actually, come to think of it, is it coincidence that GDC and the iPad 2 event are behind held in the same week, or will tomorrow’s announcement have a heavy gaming focus?

  • Al

    Am I the only one who can’t understand the popularity of Angry Birds? (I guess I may be so)

    It is unoriginal. It is a rip off a trebuchet-knocking-down-a-castle game which was a free flash game, which was around for years. And even existed in other forms before that.

    I remember playing it and then completing all the levels just in time as the simple concept quickly got boring.

    Yet this unoriginal rip-off is not free, and somehow replaces the logical concept of cannonballs hitting walls with the asinine concept of throwing badly-drawn birds at green pigs.

    Is this the key to making money?

    1) Steal someone else’s idea.
    2) Implement it badly.
    2) Charge money for it.

    Oh well I guess it worked for Microsoft. So why not for the –ahem– “creatives” at Rovio too?

  • Al

    Sorry for all the negativity if you happen to like the game. I promise not to read any more stories about it. As I really am getting sick of hearing about it…

  • Ppp

    You are not alone… Im seriously sick of “angry birds everything and everywhere”. The game is shitty, basing it success on stupid repetitive humour. And now they will change the setting or add new colors and sell it as “Angry Birds 2”. And the game will be EVERYWHERE again…

    I just wish people stopped praising this game as it would be something great and special – which is not.

  • Mike Rathjen

    I agree. I tried Angry Birds and discarded it as yet another physics clone in a cute wrapper.

    This disinterest changed to hatred as I saw article after article posted all of the place about Angry Birds. Not a goddamn week goes by without another story about Angry Birds.

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  • obamapacman

    So by your rational, every FPS is a rip off of doom? Therefore completing all the levels must quickly got boring. :rollseyes:

  • Rowan Arbuckle

    It’s all about having a fun game, with angry birds 2, who cares if it’s just new colours and shit? there are more levels.

  • Ella Xu

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