50 Mac Essentials #31: YoruFukurou



YoruFukurou (“Night Owl”) is a high quality, totally free Twitter client that will appeal to a wide cross-section of people.

There are some who keep Twitter open all day long, every day, and absolutely need to know what’s going on there at any given moment. For these people, YoruFukurou has enough power, enough keyboard shortcuts (it has lots of those), and just the right visual style to make the task easy.

Then there are other people (and I count myself among them) who can live without Twitter for hours, even days, without losing sleep. When they return they might do one of two things: mark everything they’ve missed as read, and not worry; or skim quickly through it all, picking out juiciest links as they go.

You might be at either extreme, or somewhere in the middle. Wherever you are on the Twitter spectrum, YoruFukurou has something to offer.

It’s fast. Not just fast as in fast and downloading your unread messages (although yes, it is fast at that), but fast in use. Navigate with arrow keys, with vi-style j (for down) or k (for up) shortcuts, or just keep hitting the Spacebar. Hit L to open a tweet’s links; hit T to see it on the web. Hit Command+3 to see a tweet in context of its thread (this is invaluable).

Everything you need is there. Image upload support, link shortening, color schemes, multiple accounts, you name it. YoruFukurou has thought of everything, and comes highly recommended.

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