‘AirMusic’ Streams Your Tunes to PS3, Xbox, PC [Must-Have App]


AirMusic for iPhone
  • bondr006

    Why would I want to stream to my computer? That’s where my iTunes library is already. Wouldn’t that be a slight bit redundant?

  • Guest

    Does this stream to a Mac or only Windows PC’s?

  • jdog25

    Double Twist’s Air Sync is better because it does the same thing as this app but it also syncs wirelessly with your Double Twist music library, which is like iTunes. Also you don’t have to jailbrake (root) your Android device. BTW I use a Nexus S as my phone, the iPhone 4 just doesn’t cut it IMO.

  • Download

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  • Cowley

    Cool looking app but beware that is does not actually support all types of DLNA devices at this point.
    I have confirmed with the developer that Sony Bravia’s are not yet currently supported despite its claim to stream to DLNA compatible devices.

  • Tips

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  • Amir Mark

    Download Streamer4 instead. Does the trick, also cheaper and displays
    song name as well. ?http://itunes.apple.com/app/id