You won’t see a vertical display more nuts than this one [Setups]


Mac Pro setup with 55-inch curved Samsung display in portrait mode
Can you imagine working on that screen?

Curved ultra-wide gaming displays have been making their way into Mac setups for quite some time now. But some people want to experiment, maybe push the envelope a bit, so they mount them on top of other displays or sometimes in portrait mode (vertical). But today’s Mac Pro setup takes the cake in that regard.

The user nixed a Studio Display with a high-quality external webam in favor of a truly massive, 55-inch curved ultra-wide Samsung gaming display — mounted vertically. It towers over everything with a pronounced stoop.

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Intel Mac Pro setup with audio arsenal deploys 55-inch Samsung curved display vertically

Redditor Born4One (“One”) showcased the outlandishly well-equipped — aka over-equipped — setup in a post entitled, “A little over the top but why not.” Yeah, just a little. And nothing in it is more over the top than the 55-inch curved super-ultra-wide display turned on its ear and mounted in portrait mode (vertically).

“My unnecessary Intel Mac Pro setup,” they said. “But I like it.”

We last covered one of their setups when they posted as “BornforOne” in early September. We headlined our post “Big-time gamer’s rig doubles as dream shopping list.” You can look to that article for more detail on the mind-boggling array of audio and gaming gear One boasts (see images and list below, too).

‘Cheese grater’ Mac Pro and insane portrait-mode display

Front view of Mac Pro setup with huge vertical display
This view allows a clear view of the Mac Pro on the floor and the ranks of headphones and game controllers at right. And get a load of that external display’s absurd height!

There are plenty of similarities between the two setups, with two major differences. The new one swaps out the Mac Studio in a matte white wrap for an Intel “cheese grater” Mac Pro on the floor. And the new one also switches the Studio Display with an Opal C1 4K webcam on top for a vertically (portrait) oriented super-ultra-wide Samsung 55-inch display!

Can you imagine working on that thing, standing so tall as it does? It sits on a stout Hexcal Studio desk shelf with connectivity, lighting and cable-management features.

We reached out to One to see how it’s working out and will add to this post if possible. We’re betting they soon turn it sideways (landscape mode) to save their neck from peering upward all the time. As far as their neck goes, though, One says a head rest on the chair saves it. 

In any case, the massive, deeply curved display is remarkable. With 4-input Multi-View, it enables four inputs at once, allowing One to play console and PC games at the same time. It rocks a 1000R curvature that gives a wrap-around sense of immersion (more-so, admittedly, when used in landscape mode). Its 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time make for smooth gaming action. It also packs a 60-watt, six-speaker sound system with Dolby Atmos.

A person made light of the Intel in the Mac Pro and One replied, “I might one day jump to the latest cheese grater.”

Why so many sets of headphones?

A couple of commenters wondered why someone would own so many different sets of headphones. Here’s One’s reasoning:

I’m into music. These headphones don’t exactly have the same sonic characteristics. Some are planar. Some are dynamic. Some work better with certain genres. One is particularly end game for gaming. Even pairing them with different DACs/Amps changes the experience. Which I also run on my desk.

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Setup before addition of Mac Pro and vertical ultra-wide gaming display
One’s previous computer setup had many similarities to the new one, but also some glaring differences.




Input devices:



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