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Gemoo AI Wallpaper Generator
Type in a descriptive prompt and get that wallpaper on your Mac desktop.
Photo: Gemoo
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Sick of the same old desktop wallpaper on your Mac? Developer Gemoo recently released a free AI Wallpaper Generator app that lets you replace your screen’s background visual with pretty much whatever you can think of in terms of a prompt, and with your choice of artistic style.

With 10 wallpaper prompts per day on the free version, it’s fun to play with. And if you need more, you can get the Pro version — once Gemoo settles on a pricing plan for it.

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Gemoo AI Wallpaper Generator

The new Gemoo QI Wallpaper Generator is simple to download and use. After download, it puts an app icon in the toolbar at upper right of your screen. You click on that to call up a prompt field, which includes an arrow to click after you type something in, like “snow-capped mountains with Milky Way sky,” or some such.

You may notice a prompt is already in the field, and clicking on “prompt examples” below it will advance through a bunch of different suggested prompts. They include “beach, waves, cactus,” “air balloon, sky, clouds, flight,” “blue and clear sea waves on sand,” and more. You can look at those for inspiration. See two striking examples in the image below.

Select artistic style

Gemoo AI Wallpaper Generator, examples
The app seems to excel at generating lovely natural landscapes.
Photo: Gemoo

Right-clicking on the app icon in the toolbar gives you some more options. It’s where you can log out of the app, see how many free prompts you have left for the day, and select a style for your prompts. Styles are Landscape, Anime, Portrait, Painting, Concept Art and 3D. There’s also a link to go to the AI image generator online.

Once you go through 10 free prompts — as I did, just checking out the examples, which are cool but a tad boring, in some cases — you’re done for 24 hours. After that you get 10 more prompts. You may also need to quit and restart the app to get your new set of 10.

I also noticed the app started by putting images on both of my external monitors, but then only one of them. So an initial image showing the Milky Way is stuck on one display while anything new I call up appears on the other display. So I’ll need to futz with that.

With AI, things can get weird

Gemoo AI Wallpaper Generator - B17 bomber image
The prompt “B17 bomber squadron” brought up this bizarre wallpaper of an aircraft that couldn’t possibly fly.
Photo: Gemoo

After looking at the pretty example images, I did one fresh prompt before running out of free prompts for that day. Because I’m reading Masters of the Air, the book on which the upcoming Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg-driven Apple TV+ series about bomber and fighter missions over Europe in WWII will be based, I decided to try the prompt “B17 bomber squadron.”

That prompt generated a bizarre Frankenstein image. AI’s idea looked almost like an Escher print of WWII military aircraft, with wings and propellers in odd places, pointing every which way. You’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to look up and reproduce one of the most widely used bombers of WWII. But I realized I had it set to “3D,” and that may be why it turned out so weird.

Then again, it’s kinda neat you can get weird and wonderful images on your screen just by thinking of something and typing it in as a prompt.

Price: Free version; Pro version pending

Where to download: Gemoo


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