MobileMe Goes AWOL At Apple Retail And Online Stores



The single and family license packs of MobileMe have gone AWOL in Apple online and retail stores and according to AppleInsider resellers have been advised that these products have been declared end-of-life by Apple.

The abrupt departure by these apps from retail channels indicates that something is going to happen and some of it might happen tonight during a scheduled outage that will last about a half-hour later tonight.

If you notice anything different be sure to post a comment.

It isn’t clear about the direction Apple plans to take with MobileMe, but there are plenty of rumors floating around about what might happen. I’m sure we’ll find out more on March 2nd next week.

In the meantime I’m wondering about what will happen to that extra year of MobileMe service that I’ve already paid for?

[via AppleInsider]


  • digit13

    Anyone who renewed their mobileme subscription recently should be entitled to something. $99 iTunes credit would be alright.

  • Tyler Hojberg

    I have literally been telling myself for over a year now…”okay, don’t leave the Apple store without MobileMe” and I still haven’t bought the damn thing! I hope it becomes free, I don’t tend to forget about free stuff.

  • Ruiner

    I bought my MobileMe account (first one) not three weeks ago for $70 when I upgraded to a 32GB iPhone 4. I’ll be plenty ticked if it goes free-for-all after spending that kind of money!

  • To The Mothership!

    Apple stops shipping/selling macs/iphone/ipods when they update them and that doesnt mean they will be free they are probably updating packaging, instructions, and features of mobileme and maybe they want to sell down the in store stock so they dont have to take back as much when they switch it around i really doubt it will be free too many people will be pissed they might have some free stuff but i doubt that everything will be free they make to much money on it.

  • CharliK

    IF it goes free you will get a credit back to form of payment. They won’t cross systems by using itunes as a refund. Hell those that don’t give a fig about itunes would be pissed if that was the plan.

    As for the absence of the boxes. that’s been happening over the last several days. It is possible that they are just getting rid of the boxes, not the service or the price. They do just fine charging you for one to one and handing you that little blue card that probably ships 100 in the same size box that 10 big Mobile Me boxes did. Apple is probably just trying to be more eco friendly.

  • freerange

    Mobile me pricing is now turned off – only “free trial” is available.

  • freerange

    You needn’t worry – apple will issue refunds for balance of term of service for all if they switch to free. That is their historical track record. And please, $70, that kind of money? What are you 12?

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