Mailplane Dev Announces New Replies App



Brand new from the maker of desktop Gmail client Mailplane is Replies, an app designed for people who do a lot of customer support.

The idea was born from Mailplane developer Ruben Bakker’s own success with Mailplane. He was soon so inundated with support requests, he found himself writing similar replies time and time again.

So, enter stage right: Replies, an app to make that part of his job easier.

Reuben points out that, far from turning all his emails into clones of each other, Replies saves him time on writing the dull stuff and frees up time to add personalised extras. So his messages end up being more personal and more useful, yet take less time to write than before.

One nice touch is that Replies indexes the emails in your Sent items folder, which means you can quickly search for replies you’ve written before, then insert them into new messages.

The app will be in beta soon, so if you’re interested in trying it out, go sign up to the announcement list.

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  • Peter Johnson
    This sounds eerily familiar. 
    We released an app a few months ago called “FAQ” which we originally developed to handle customer support for our popular MailShot Pro group email app, using a very similar idea of pre-written elements that can be combined and pasted into the perfect, personalised reply (although admittedly it doesn’t integrate into mail the way ‘Replies’ does on the mac)
    FAQ costs just $2.99 and runs on on iPad and iPhone and is a great way to support your customers when on the move. You can find out more about it on
    Soluble Apps
    Disclosure, I am the developer of FAQ and may benefit from its sale.