Lion Server Will Streamline Setup, Add iPad File Sharing, More


lion server 2

Along with the release of OS X Lion this summer, the Lion version of Server will also be enhanced, and will feature profile management for iDevices and wireless file sharing with the iPad, easier setup and collaboration through Wiki Server 3.


Lion Server’s streamlined setup may be just the enticement to those daunted by the thought of setting up a server. There aren’t many details to go on here, but anything Apple can do to make server configuration easier is a big plus.


This summer users will be able to wirelessly view and grab iWork documents — from Numbers, Keynote and Pages — off a server running Lion with their iPads. This new feature’s a huge boon for enterprise iPad users, and should bolster the iPad’s rep as a serious work tool. Profile-based setup and control of iDevices and automatic, over-the-air profile changes will also be added.


Finally, Wiki Server 3 will be updated with beefed-up file-sharing abilities and sports a new page editor.

  • Anthony

    At last ! Apple is making it’s server products appealing.

    With Microsoft dropping the ball so often and their Home and Small Business Products osing features and increasing in price – Apple has a real opportunity this year!

    All we need now is a trial version of OS X Server so we can ‘demonstrate’ the benefits to potential business clients.

  • Mike

    What do you mean a trial version? There is only going to be one version of Mac OS X Lion and it will be both the client and the server. For $99 – $129 it doesn’t get any better than that.

  • Download

    Interesting and useful post