Steve Jobs Previews the 1984 Macintosh Commercial [Rare Video]



Many people have seen the 1984 SuperBowl commercial introducing the Macintosh to the masses. In the fall of 1983, Jobs gave a preview of this spot to an enthusiastic crowd of Apple shareholders and insiders. With full Reality Distortion Field in place, a young, passionate Steve Jobs describes the history of computing, IBM’s missed opportunities, and their current threats to Apple and the computing industry.

Happy Birthday, Steve – you haven’t lost your touch! Apple SuperNerds will notice a few soundtrack differences between this preview and the commercial that actually aired – can you spot them?

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    The irony is that now it’s Apple, that is playing the role of IBM. It’s them who want the control….

  • Guest

    Pity but true…

  • Jorge Lucas

    One of the times that I clicked in this video, it appears to be at YouTube — a site that I refuse to use because it is a Google site; in the second time I was lucky and appeared a H.264 format.

    How could I download this video to my Mac, without using YouTube?

    Jorge Lucas (the guy from Rio Grande do Sul)

  • quietstorms

    You’re wrong but not completely. The ad was meant to symbolize empowerment against Big Brother. While you may say Apple likes to exert control over it’s products, the same could be said of the Mac itself since it was far more locked down compared to the Apple II.

    What you cannot say is that Apple is Big Brother. Not in a day where Google tracks you all over the web, holds science fairs to get a child’s SSN, snoops on wi-fi networks and sells your private life to advertisers.

    EDIT: You may believe that Apple has become like IBM because of iOS, it really has had the opposite effect. The average user is now more empowered than they’ve ever been. They’re no longer reliant on the tech-saavy and have an environment where they don’t have to fear malware and it’s easy to use.

  • Stagueve

    “Rare” video?!…

  • dawsin

    He really is a great man, he believes in this stuff and you can hear it

  • Adam Rosen

    The 1984 commercial itself is not rare, but this intro Steve gives before the spot ran is something I’d never seen before. This was not an event open to the public.

  • Adam Rosen

    The 1984 commercial itself is not rare, but this intro Steve gives before the spot ran is something I’d never seen before. This was not an event open to the public.

  • Adam Rosen

    This video is hosted on YouTube, in both Flash and H.264 formats. See this post for info on downloading:

  • axet

    you are embedding youtube not right, browser wont allow mouse scroll over your video.

    most sites do it differenlty and youtube video shows with “Youtube” button in the left down corner. Yours with big “+” button.

  • Liam Butler-Lawrence

    Agree with you on Google sites, but unfortunately the best way is download fastesttube Safari extension (…, go to the Youtube page (you don’t even have to watch it), and click ‘Download’ below the video. Hope that helps!

  • Stagueve

    Hum, this video has over 660K views and btw i had published it on my blog on december 2008 (

    Of course this is a great video but I just think that “Rare” is not really appropriate ;)

  • sangony

    Maybe it’s just me but I can see the pride and arrogance almost dripping off his face. Don’t get me wrong, I think Steve is a genius in his own right now but he was blinded by his success back then.

    It was almost all about hardware back then with little thought given to software… until Microsoft came along. Had Steve been the visionary he is now, he would have not made the fateful mistakes which almost killed Apple and got him booted out of his own company.

  • HerbalEd

    It was rare to me.

  • HerbalEd

    You don’t achieve what he has unless you are totally impassioned.

  • HerbalEd

    He was young and very smart … but not wise, which only comes with age.

  • Stagueve

    Ok, no problem, no offense in my comment ;)

  • HerbalEd

    No offense taken. Thanks.

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