Apple Shareholders Vote Down Calls To Reveal Steve Jobs Succession Plan


Steve Jobs at Macworld in 2007. CC-licensed photo by Noboyuki Hayashi.
Steve Jobs at Macworld in 2007. CC-licensed photo

Apple shareholders have voted down a proposal that would have required Apple to disclose Steve Jobs’ succession plan.

The vote came at Apple’s annual meeting today. The proposal was brought by the Laborers’ International Union. Apple’s board also opposed.

Apple has said in the past that it has executive succession plan, though it hasn’t revealed what that plan is.

Steve Jobs wasn’t present at today’s meeting. He continues his indefinite medical leave. This is only the second time in a decade he has missed the annual event.

All Things D: Apple Shareholders Reject Proposal to Disclose Succession Plan

  • Tommy Peters

    Not unlike celebrities who passed and caused an industry surge in their after-life, Jobs demise will bring the roof down literally. Production will ramp up just before he passes and as shares surge, stores will be at breaking point the day he goes. Given he has managed to keep his succession plan under wraps underscores that the artist he is, is fully aware of the mechanism that drives a full blown cult.

  • Tiago

    the store is down! new mbp?

  • Matthew Predny

    Like like like.

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