Dell Plagiarizes Panic’s Transmit Icon On Official Website



Panic, the makers of popular Mac FTP client Transmit, quip about Dell’s outright theft of their official logo: “If only Dell charged the Apple Tax, they could afford to draw their own truck.”

But at least the Dell Tax was enough to cover Photoshopping in one of their monitors!

  • jab11

    bullshit, it’s apparently a different truck, Panic doesn’t own all trucks on the web…
    but everybody has to cover it because they mentioned apple

  • Carl

    so all isometric trucks image are (c) Transmit? What a useless news post.

  • tekunoloji

    Exactly. If it was exactly the same icon with a color change then it’d be theft. Panic just wanted some pubicity.

  • Crap

    Wow…this is useless…find something better to report on.

  • AriRomano

    ofc it’s a different truck. the perspective is different and the wheel size etc…

  • Rodneyok

    Really? Come on guys. It’s definitely not the same, and certainly not worth reporting.

  • MichaelMosbey

    To those claiming this is a different icon, you’re half right. This story shows a copy of Panic’s latest, high-res icon for Transmit. It would have been more appropriate to show the version of the Transmit icon that was plagiarized.

    A quick Google Image Search comes up with http://d2o0t5hpnwv4c1.cloudfro

  • MichaelMosbey

    See also iconfactory’s write-up on their design work for panic.

  • Anonymous

    So… different color, straight front wheel, reflected image, different trailer, indeterminate cab similarities == same icon? Come on now.

  • Anonymous

    So… different color, straight front wheel, reflected image, different trailer, indeterminate cab similarities == same icon? Come on now.

  • davester13

    I think you are confused as to what plagiarism is. If they just took Transmit’s icon, and just changed the size and resolution and put in on their web page, that would be plagiarism. Dell having an image of a truck that uses a similar perspective angle is NOT.

    Even if Dell’s graphic artist had a printout of Transmit’s icon next to their monitor while they designed this image wouldn’t make it plagiarism. Unless of course, you consider the entire art community to be plagiarists.

  • Mike Rathjen

    Cultofmac plagiarizes the Dell website because it uses black text on a white background.

  • monkeyrun

    From the “There only so many ways you can design [XXXX] department”

    There only so many ways you can design a truck … LOL

    Greatest hits:
    There only so many ways you can design a mobile OS
    There only so many ways you can design a Keyboard
    There only so many ways you can design a Laptop
    There only so many ways you can design a Tablet

  • JDWages

    In light of the fact isometric drawings are nothing exclusive to any one company, the color scheme and overall design of the Dell truck is different enough from Panic’s that Panic should not be able to do anything legally about it. However, it is a definite possibility that the artist who created the Dell truck used Panic’s well-known truck as a base design and merely put changes atop that. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a lot of work. That Dell artist may have had to rebuild the entire design in Illustrator (to get a nice scaleable vector drawing), rather than choose the easy Photoshop route.

    The reality is that this is what most companies do to each other’s products — minor variations on a theme. Look at how many companies try to sell products that look like knock-offs of Apple products, even though they run Android or Windows Phone 7 and have other hardware differences. And you can even file new patents if the changes you make are considered a sufficient “improvement” over someone else’s past patented designs.

    Finally, one must never forget the statements of an artist whom we’ve all come to love and respect, Steve Jobs, who once quipped, “Good artists copy great artists steal.”

    I have no interest in defending the likes of Dell by saying this. These are just the facts.

  • Alex

    John Brownlee is probably the most inept CoM contributer. Leander when are you going to get rid of this clown ?

  • Fuckyourmom


  • dboy

    Seem like a TRUCKLOAD of bitter people arrived here, haha..

  • Guest

    It is a copy. This is a pixel-for-pixel duplicate of the Transmit 3 icon, with the hue shifted and the Panic logo removed.

    See for yourself:

  • Alex

    I’ve been saying this for months and coincidentally, I believe since my name is also Alex, we get confused for one another by other people here.

    John, you’re a hack writer.

  • A.J

    To plagarize from another company, “Really?”

  • CharliK

    body and cab are different colors, shadow is different. front wheel is different.

    I don’t see what was copied other than the angle of the truck. But really, they are going to fuss over that.

    Panic must be desperate for some free press

  • Bla1ze

    Really?! Some of the comments here are pretty insane. Panic makes it a point to call the people who use their icon out all the time. Try reading their site:… In the end, they don’t REALLY care.. it’s just done so in jest. You’re all so serious with the legal talk, ramifications, pixel break downs.. Blah.

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