‘Volcano Escape’ is Packed Full of Red Hot Action [Must-Have Game]


Volcano Escape for iPhone

Volcano Escape($1.99) iPhone – Games

One of my favorite games to hit the iPhone recently is Volcano Escape a brilliant new action platformer that takes you on a fun-filled mission to escape a scorching hot volcano, while a hoard of tribal minions attempt to ruin your progress and barbecue your bones. Wield a selection of impressive weaponry that includes grenade launchers, jet packs, and shotguns, and take out the evil tribe on your route to safety through a rich 3D environment with beautifully bright visuals.

Volcano Escape is a terrific platformer that provides level after level of action-packed entertainment, which, together with its crazy characters and explosive weaponry, makes it one of the greatest games in its genre.

[xrr rating=90%]