Best cases for iPhone 15

Best cases you can buy today for iPhone 15


These are the best cases you can buy for iPhone 15 right now.
From as little as $14.99.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Got an iPhone 15 or 15 Pro on preorder? It’s time to start thinking about protection. No matter how badly you want to show off your handset’s pretty paint job or its tough titanium chassis, you’re going to regret not covering it up if you drop it onto a hard surface and break it within a week. But don’t worry — there are already a bunch of excellent case options to choose from.

Whether you want a sleek fit that complements iPhone 15’s slim design, extreme impact-resistance for the most damaging drops, or luxurious leather that only gets better with age, there’s an iPhone 15 case right up your alley.

We rounded up the best options you can buy right now, with prices starting from a mere $14.99.

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Best iPhone 15 cases you can buy right now

Choosing the best iPhone 15 case may not be as simple as it sounds. Depending on how you treat your new device, the “any case will do” approach could come back to bite you. Those who handle their gadgets with the same care and affection they might show a newborn baby or a Fabergé egg should be absolutely fine with ultra-slim or affordable options.

However, if you treat your iPhone 15 like you won it in a raffle in which the top prize was a Caribbean island and unlimited access to a private jet, you’ll probably want to look at tougher options that give your device a fighting chance of staying alive until your next upgrade. And, of course, if you’re a boomer, you’ll obviously want a folio.

And then there’s MagSafe. Apple’s brilliant magnetic system will hold your new iPhone in place on compatible power banks, charging stands, car mounts and more. If you plan to utilize any MagSafe accessories — and we highly recommend you do, because MagSafe is awesome — you should look for a MagSafe-compatible case that includes its own magnets. That way your new case won’t get in the way of your iPhone’s magnetic pull.

Best iPhone 15 cases: Table of contents

Best iPhone 15 thin case for a sleek feel

The Totallee Super Thing Case is the best slim case for iPhone 15.
Just 0.02 inches thick.
Photo: Totallee

If you want to keep your iPhone 15 protected without spoiling its slim and attractive design, you’ll need a case that’s thin, lightweight and minimalistic. Tottallee’s Super Thin Case is exactly that. Measuring in at a mere 0.5mm thick and weighing just 0.1 ounces, it gives your new smartphone the protection it needs without sacrificing its looks.

The Super Thin Case is completely free from logos, slogans and other ugly branding. And it comes in six different colors — including a crystal-clear option that lets your iPhone’s style shine through. You can also get a version with MagSafe built-in if you don’t mind spending a little extra. This is the case for people who hate cases.

Buy from: Amazon

Best iPhone 15 rugged case for ultimate protection

The OtterBox Fre case is the best rugged case for iPhone 15.
An iPhone case that takes a battering.
Photo: OtterBox

OtterBox is the king of rugged cases, so you can be confident its Fre Series for iPhone 15 will keep your device safe no matter how much you neglect it. Made from chunky plastic, the Fre Series is certified to withstand the most devastating drops while ensuring your iPhone doesn’t feel the impact. And it’s not just the back and sides that get great coverage.

The Fre Series’ 360-degree design features an integrated screen protector. Combined with rubber gaskets that protect your iPhone’s ports, it makes your shiny new handset even more resistant to dust and water damage. You also get the ability to add a lanyard, and built-in MagSafe for good measure.

This case is ideal for those who have to brave the elements every day, those who spend their weekends exploring the wilderness or enjoying extreme sports, and those who simply can’t hold onto anything for more than a few minutes without dropping it.

Price: $99.95
Buy from: OtterBox

Best iPhone 15 wallet case for cutting down on clutter

The Spigen Slim Armor CS is the best wallet case for iPhone 15.
Get discreet storage for credit and ID cards.
Photo: Spigen

Apple Pay lets us leave many of our cards behind, but what about those you need to carry with you? Who really wants a wallet in their pocket these days? Let your iPhone 15 do the heavy lifting with the Spigen Slim Armor CS. It’s protective, lightweight and it carries two cards without adding a bunch of unwanted bulk.

Unlike leather wallet cases that make it difficult to get at your cards when you’re in a rush, the Slim Armor CS has a simple sliding rear panel that you can open with ease. This also helps conceal your cards so you don’t become a prime target for pesky pickpockets looking for a free lunch. The only downside is you have to ditch MagSafe.

Buy from: Amazon

Best iPhone 15 leather case for a touch of luxury

The Mujjo Leather case is the best leather case for iPhone 15.
Mujjo makes the best leather cases for iPhone.
Photo: Mujjo

Apple scrapped its upmarket leather case options for iPhone 15, but a great grain can still be gained elsewhere. For soft and luxurious leather lovers, Mujjo’s Impact cases are a superb alternative. We’ve been reviewing them for years on Cult of Mac, and we firmly believe they’re as good as Apple’s were in many ways — and even better in others.

Made from sustainable leather that’s tanned without the use of harsh chemicals, Mujjo’s cases fit the iPhone beautifully, adding a touch of class you just can’t get from scratchy plastics and cheap silicone. They’re available in a number of color options, with or without a built-in wallet or MagSafe compatibility, each of which ages gracefully like all good leather products.

Buy from: Amazon

Best iPhone 15 cases for dazzling design

Casetify cases for iPhone 15 have the most dazzling designs.
Make your iPhone 15 stand out.
Photos: Casetify

Hate that every iPhone looks exactly the same? Give yours a makeover that’s almost sure to turn heads with one of Casetify’s terrific iPhone 15 cases. The company offers an absolute ton of brilliant designs to choose from (it’s actually rather overwhelming). You’ll find pretty floral patterns, cute characters, mirror finishes and customizable name cases among many other options.

There’s also the Co-Lab collection, which includes cases adorned with the likes of Hello Kitty, The Powerpuff Girls, Barbie and every Major League Baseball team logo. Casetify cases are always top-notch, with plenty of protection and great build quality. Many are also available with MagSafe, and all feature Casetify’s signature camera surround for lens protection.

Price: From $42
Buy from: Casetify

Best iPhone 15 case with a built-in stand

The Jsaux RingLax case is the best iPhone 15 case with a built-in stand.
Adjustable for comfortable viewing at almost any angle.
Photo: Jsaux

If you’re using iPhone 15’s outstanding display to watch movies and catch up on your favorite TV shows, go hands-free by grabbing a case with a built-in stand. The RingLax case from Jsaux might have an awful name, but it does an awesome job of holding your iPhone upright. It also sports a clean and simple design that offers military-grade drop protection.

Thanks to its adjustable stand, the RingLax case lets you choose the best viewing angle in both portrait and landscape mode. Then it folds away neatly so it doesn’t get in your way when you’re not using it or when you want to use MagSafe charging. You can also use the ring to hold your iPhone more securely when you’re using it, reducing the chance of accidental drops.

Price: $29.99
Buy from: Jsaux

Best budget case for iPhone 15

The Spigen Liquid Air Armor is the best budget case for iPhone 15.
A steal at under $15.
Photo: Spigen

There’s no need to break the bank for great protection. The Spigen Liquid Air Armor for iPhone 15 can be yours for less than $15, and it does more than enough to keep your smartphone in great shape. Its Air Cushion Technology effectively absorbs impact to prevent shattered screens, while its antislip matte finish helps your device stay securely in your palm.

The textured rear of the Liquid Air Armor does just enough to make it look more appealing than you might expect at this price. And because it’s made by Spigen, you know you’re getting a case you can trust. It’s basic (there’s no MagSafe in this one) but brilliant at the same time.

Buy from: Amazon

Best official Apple case for iPhone 15

The Apple FineWoven case is the best official Apple case for iPhone 15.
Apple pitches its new FineWoven material as a green alternative to leather.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s official selection of cases for iPhone 15 includes the usual suspects made from soft silicone and clear plastic, but there’s an all-new option that the company touts as an upscale replacement for its traditional leather cases. The fancy FineWoven iPhone case is manufactured with a durable microtwill that offers a velvety, suedelike feel — plus the perfect fit we’ve come to expect from Apple’s cases.

On the inside, the FineWoven case has a soft lining that’ll keep your iPhone free from scratches, plus built-in MagSafe. Apple offers it in five color options — mulberry, evergreen, taupe, Pacific blue and black.

It’s currently exclusive to the iPhone 15 lineup, so everyone will know you’re sporting the latest model. Initial reports indicate FineWoven might not be as durable as leather, and Apple itself says the case “may show wear over time.” However, Apple calls FineWoven, made of 68% post-consumer recycled materials, a greener alternative to cowhide.

Price: $59
Buy from: Apple or Amazon (currently on sale)

Best folio case for iPhone 15

The Laut Prestige Folio is the best folio case for iPhone 15.
Credit card storage and a built-in stand.
Photo: Laut

Are you the type of iPhone user who likes a flappy folio case, despite what the kids might say? Check out Laut’s new Prestige Folio. Made from vegan leather, it not only protects your iPhone 15’s display while it’s closed, but also has an internal slot for up to two credit cards. Plus, it folds back to double as a stand for watching videos in landscape mode.

Its microfiber lining means the Prestige Folio will keep your iPhone’s screen clean and free from scratches, while the polished metal accent on its front cover adds a touch of luxury. The Prestige Folio also promises drop protection from up to 10 feet, shielding your smartphone from everyday tumbles, and it’s available for all iPhone 15 models. Bear in mind, however, that this one doesn’t work with MagSafe.

Price: $29.99
Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

Best no-frills case for iPhone 15

The dbrand Ghost Case is the best simple, no frills case for iPhone 15.
As simple as it gets.
Photo: dbrand

Want to keep it simple and let your iPhone be the star of the show? Forget everything else and get the dbrand Ghost Case. It’s a simple, no-frills clear case that doesn’t attempt to steal the spotlight from your new phone. Its unique bumper offers drop protection from 10 feet, as well as ample grip, while its transparent plastic is guaranteed to never go yellow.

You also get ultra-strong magnets for MagSafe compatibility, all in a package that weighs just 33 grams.

Price: $49.95
Buy from: dbrand

Most ridiculous case for iPhone 15

The Bailey Hikata Geta case could be the most ridiculous iPhone 15 case so far.
If you like ugly, you’ll love this.
Photo: Bailey Hikawa

If you think Apple made iPhone 15 too thin. If you think its meticulously crafted glass and metal design is too pretty. Check out the Bailey Hikawa Greta case, which is almost certainly the most ridiculous iPhone 15 case so far.

It’s way too fat to slip into your pocket, as ugly as sin, and pretty expensive. But it is at least unique, and the unsightly humps on its back double as a stand, while eliminating MagSafe compatibility. What else do you need to know?

Price: $49
Buy from: Bailey Hikawa


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