UK Wireless Carriers Drop iPad Price In Anticipation Of iPad 2



Wireless carriers in the United Kingdom are drastically lowering their subsidized prices on the original iPad, strongly suggesting that they are clearing inventory in anticipation of the imminent launch of the iPad 2.

Both T-Mobile and Orange are now selling the original iPad for £99 with a 24-month data contract. This is a £100 drop on Orange’s previous subsidized price for the iPad 3G, and seems like a fairly strong indication that they know their existing iPad stocks will soon be in significantly less demand.

The iPad 2’s official launch isn’t known, but Apple has been steadfast in regards to releasing the latest refresh of their iOS devices approximately a year after the last model debuted. Since the original iPad was released on April 3rd, the history of iOS product launches strongly suggests a late March or early April debut of the iPad 2.