Warner Bros Releases The Dark Knight As A DVD-Like App



Yesterday, Apple revised its App Review Guidelines, and one of the provisions was that apps would no longer be accepted if they were primarily comprised of media content better sold through iTunes or the iBookstore. In other words, apps could no longer be mere wrappers around movies, albums or e-books.

That’s not to say that Apple doesn’t want movies and books on the App Store, though. They just want their apps to be more than just wrappers. Case in point, Warner Bros’ latest app: they have just released The Dark Knight as a downloadable app that contains a free five minute preview of the movie, with the full film available as an in-app purchase.

The distinction? The Dark Knight comes with a lot of extra features, just like you might find on the DVD version. Since that’s something iTunes Movies can’t do — yet! — Apple seems to be okay with Warner Bros’ releasing their movies in app form… which is good news for Warner Bros, who intend on releasing more movies as apps later in the year.