Microsoft Pushes First App To The Mac App Store



Microsoft has finally released its first piece of software on the Mac App Store, but it’s not one of their premier software packages like Office. Instead, Microsoft is dipping their toes in the App Store water by releasing Windows Phone 7 Connector as a free download through Apple’s digital delivery system.

Windows Phone 7 Connector has been available in beta since October, but it’s now a final release. The Connector app allows owners of a Windows Phone 7 device to sync their iTunes music, videos and podcasts to their phones.

Of course, we’ve never been quite sure what sort of mad man uses a Mac but owns a Windows Phone 7 device over an iPhone, but we’re sure there’s at least a few of them out there… albeit employed exclusively in Microsoft’s Mac software division.

If you’re one of them, you can download Windows Phone 7 Connector on the Mac App Store by just clicking here. Hey, why not… it’s free.