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Report: New MacBook Pros Coming March 1st



The iPad 2 isn’t the only new Apple product that is likely to hit stores in March. For weeks now, supplies of existing MacBook Pro models have been plummeting, and given Tim Cook’s obsession with supply, that indicates a refresh across the board.

So when can you expect the new MacBook Pros? Unknown, but according to Danish Blogger Kenneth Lund, the date he’s hearing in Denmark from Apple Resellers is March 1st.

It’s a plausible, if aggressive, date As we reported last week, Intel is shipping out Sandy Bridge notebook parts to manufacturers starting on February 20th.

As for other specs, they’re all just rumors at this point, but the unibody MacBook Pros are due for a more radical redesign: the unibody design hasn’t changed substantially since 2008. With Tim Cook saying the MacBook Air is “the future” of Apple notebooks, likely bets for the MacBook Pro refresh are SSD drives and slimmer form factors, possibly achieved by eschewing the optical drive completely.