iOS 4.2.6 Fixes Problems With Verizon iPhone Data Reporting



Apple’s usually pretty good about making sure that even if their latest iPhone doesn’t ship fully patched, an update is waiting for users the second they plug it into iTunes for the first time.

No surprise, then, that on the first day of the Verizon iPhone’s official release, Apple has already issued a patch to the firmware, resolving a bug that affects the accuracy of the Verizon iPhone’s exclusive (for now) Personal Hotspot… namely in its data reporting.

Of all the bugs to afflict the Verizon iPhone at launch, one that potentially misreported how much data was being used is the most egregious. Because Verizon charges $20 per month for 2GB of tethered data, with each additional gigabyte costing another $20, any discrepancy in data reporting could have led to some big problems.

If you don’t intend on using the Personal Hotspot feature on your new Verizon iPhone, this is not a critical patch… but if you do, better grab it now, before you find yourself staring at a higher bill than you expected.