Rugby Star Recovers Lost iPad with App, Tweets Fans During Quest


Carling's rescued iPad. He joked that he might test it for fingerprints.
Carling's rescued iPad. He joked that he might test it for fingerprints.

Former England Rugby captain Will Carling left his iPad on a train (doh!) but recovered it using the Find My iPhone App.

When Carling logged on to his laptop at home, he thought some good samaritan had turned in the device to the station’s lost and found, since the location dot was beeping nearby. He drove back to the area only to find the  GPS chip led him to an apartment building.

“There was no answer, so I wrote 18 notes and put them through the doors,” he said. “Part of me thought, what if they take it the wrong way? But I just thought, to hell with it, I want my iPad back.”

Then Carling went home and decided to call police when the iPad started moving again. He kept his 45,000 fans on Twitter updated on the search.

“Breaking news! My iPad has moved! It is now at the station! This is like Enemy of the State!!” he tweeted. He then continued: “Can’t believe this. MobileMe is now showing my iPad near the station round the back of some shops – has it been dumped???”

Whoever picked it up was sheepishly heading back to the nearby police station – maybe to avoid a scrummage with Carling?

Police phoned him shortly after to say they had his device in custody. No theft charges were made.

After all was over, Carling tweeted: “note to self – don’t ever leave iPad on train again you fool.”

Via The Standard, Thanks to CoM reader David from London!