Who needs HDMI? This gadget connects Mac or iPad to TV wirelessly [Review]


Who needs HDMI? This gadget connects Mac or iPad to TV wirelessly★★★★☆
Don't use a cable when the plug-and-play EZCast Pocket is so much more convenient.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

EZCast Pocket lets a range of computers connect wirelessly to an external display. No additional software is needed — it’s very nearly as easy to use as a cable, but without the cable clutter.

I tested the affordable and very portable wireless video adapter in my home and on a business trip. Here are its strengths and occasional weaknesses.

Note: When this review was first published in March, there was so much interest that EZCast Pocket sold out almost immediately. Amazon once again has the product in stock so we’re re-publishing the review.

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EZCast Pocket review

Cables are the worst. While they’re tolerable in an office, no one wants to stretch a cable from their computer to a TV across their living room. It looks messy, and there’s always the potential for someone to trip over the cable, yanking the computer onto the floor.

EZCast Pocket takes the place of an HDMI cable. And it can fill in for an HDMI adapter, if needed. Going wireless is so much better.

The two-part wireless video adapter is also smaller than a cable, so it’s easier to take on trips, whether for work or fun. When I’m traveling, I like to be sure I can watch movies and TV off my iPad, not depend on whatever video player happens to be available.

Wireless video adapter setup is almost as easy as a cable

EZCast Pocket review: Convenient wireless video adapter
EZCast Pocket is much more portable than a lengthy HDMI cable.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

EZCast Pocket setup is as simple as plugging the transmitter half of the wireless video adapter into your Mac or iPad, then connecting the receiver half into a TV or monitor.

There are two versions. One includes a transmitter that plugs into a USB-C port on your computer. I tested this version because it’s compatible with every Mac and most iPads without an adapter. The other version offered by EZCast requires an HDMI port on the transmitter computer.

To use the wireless adapter, the external display or TV must have an HDMI port, but those have been standard for many years. The only complication is that the receiver needs external power. Fortunately, most TVs and monitors include a USB-A port. Plug the accessory into the TV’s HDMI port and the USB port and you’re ready to watch.

If the screen you’re connecting to doesn’t have a USB port, you’re going to have to work something out. Maybe an external battery.

I had my review unit set up in only a couple of minutes, most of which was spent fumbling behind the TV.

Each of the two components is 6.9 inches long, 1.6 inches wide and 0.7 inches thick. That makes them very portable. Certainly much more so than a 10-foot HDMI cable.

Because EZCast Pocket is so small, it’s easy to tuck into a bag so you can connect your MacBook or iPad to an external screen wherever you go. Whether you need to give a presentation or want to watch movies from a remote cabin, it’s better to be sure you’ll have what you need.

The plastic casings are white plastic so they match Apple cables and many other accessories.

There is a Pair and Reset button on the transmitter but I never needed either one. The same goes for the rest button on the receiver unit.

Looks great, works great… with limitations

EZCast Pocket vs. HDMI cable
Don’t stumble over an HDMI cable when a wireless video adapter is easier.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

I plugged the EZCast Pocket into my TV and iPad Pro as instructed then opened the manual to see what I needed to do to get the two halves of the wireless adapter to communicate. Turns out I had already done it. My iPad screen was automatically mirrored on the TV in only a few seconds. I love plug and play.

The transmitter and receiver set up their own adhoc Wi-Fi network to communicate. It doesn’t require any other Wi-Fi access. No internet access is necessary, either.

The external screen becomes a second display for your Mac or iPad Pro as if the two were connected with an HDMI cable. Beyond watching movies, you can give presentations from the app of your choice, or just get to work with the software of your choice.

Video running over the EZCast Pocket looks great. It’s the same as if the two devices were connected by cable. I tested it with Apple TV+, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Paramount+ and YouTube and have no complaints.

I read a few online reviews of the wireless adapter that mentioned a lag between audio and video. I looked for this very closely and if there is one it would have to be measured in hundredths of a second. The lag did show up in the Xfinity app, but further testing shows this app regularly gets audio/video out of sync even when it’s playing directly on my iPad screen.

But here’s where we come to one of those weaknesses I mentioned earlier: the wireless video connection is 1080p (1920 by 1080 pixels). It’s not 4K, much less 8K. Whether this is a problem depends entirely on you, the viewer. 1080p is good enough for me, and I think most average users.

Another limitation is range. EZCast Pocket is clearly designed for use in your living room or a conference room. Closer is better. I was able to get a solid, reliable connection without stuttering at up to about 30 feet. Beyond that, the video starts skipping. At about 50 feet the connection between transmitter and receiver drops. So this isn’t the right product for a presentation hall.

That said, the wireless video adapter works fine from behind the TV. You do not need to set it up so that transmitter and receiver have a direct line of sight.

EZcast Pocket vs. Apple TV

An Apple TV also allows you to wirelessly play video from your Mac or iPad with AirPlay. And it can be used to turn a TV into second screen for your Mac.

But an Apple TV is not very portable. And connection to a Wi-Fi network is also necessary to connect it to your computer. So EZCast Pocket has advantages, especially for travelers.

Official video

EZCast Pocket final thoughts

This is among the best wireless video adapters I’ve tested. It’s as easy to use as one could hope — plug and play — and has some real advantages over an HDMI cable.

That said, the 1080p resolution will keep some potential buyers away. The tiny lag between audio and video might also turn off videophiles.


But the low cost certainly helps make up for any limitations. This product is much more affordable than rival wireless options.


Whichever version of this wireless adapter you get, it’s an amazing deal — well below what I’m used to paying for good quality rivals.

The USB-C version of EZCast Pocket is $79.99. As the time of this writing, it’s available only from Amazon.

Buy from: Amazon

The HDMI version is $74.99, and it’s in stock only at the EZCast website.

Buy from: EZCast


When shopping, be sure you’re looking at the USB-C or HDMI version — whichever you want. It’s easy to get them mixed up online.

If you want to shop around, there’s IOGear Share Pro or the IOGear SharePro Mini. I like these too, but they are considerably more expensive.

EZCast provided Cult of Mac with a review unit for this article. See our reviews policy, and check out other in-depth reviews of Apple-related items.


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