Best Buy Preparing Shelves For The White iPhone 4



While the long-awaited delivery of the Verizon iPhone has been the big story of the week, evidence continues to mount that another semi-mythical model of the iPhone 4 might be dropping at almost the same time, at least if this Best Buy shelf sticker for the 16GB iPhone 4 is anything to go by.

Other than this shot and the fact that Canada’s The Source chain of retail outlets are also gearing up to sell the white iPhone 4, about the only concrete knowledge to be gleaned here is that the white iPhone 4 will be selling for $599, which is the same off-contract price as the black iPhone 4.

Keep calm, everyone: you only have a few more weeks to wait until the white iPhone 4 is yours… just a few months before the white iPhone 5 makes you wish you’d never bought a new phone more than halfway through the lifecycle of the previous gen!