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Contest: Guess the iPad 2 Debut



There’s a flurry of conflicting reports today on when the next iPad will debut – we have heard that the next iteration of the magical device will be unveiled in March or June at the WWDC.

Make your guess in the comments, along with the reason you think why Apple would choose that date.

Five correct answers, randomly chosen (though we admit some bias for the funny ones), will win promo codes for cool iPhone or iPad apps.

55 responses to “Contest: Guess the iPad 2 Debut”

  1. Curry Crawford says:

    I think march 11,because it’s the best marketing time when all others cant compete!

  2. Daniel Pendergast says:

    they debuted in March 25th 2011

  3. Curry Crawford says:

    can i get anything!

  4. Thehostingnews says:

     Win an iPad2 a week for 12 weeks  http://trustwave.thehostingnew

  5. Curry Crawford says:

    love this!Plus need Ipad2!