The Cult Joins Reddit In Some Harmless Desktop Sharing Fun



Over at Reddit, some of the Redditors have been enjoying a little friendly desktop sharing over the past day or so. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own desktop arrangement, there’s plenty to be found here.

Seeing all these desktops got me thinking: what are the desktops of the Cult team like? And how about our lovely Cult readers?

At the top of this post you can see my desktop, and “minimal” doesn’t really do it justice. My desktop is always kept clean and clear, devoid of decoration and deprived of a Dock. But that’s just me, and I’m a bit weird. How about my fellow Cultists?


Here’s Craig’s desktop, of which he says: “At most, my Desktop has folders of projects I’m working on. The background is a non-distracting one, switched for Aurora when I do review grabs. The menu bar has Adium, I Love Stars, iTunesMenu, iScrobbler, Default Folder X, iStat menus and some standard Apple extras.

“The 3D Dock is something I can’t stand, so I switched it to 2D and hacked the Dock app, replacing the nasty border images with some of my own, thereby making it one flat colour. I also use stacks overlays and have hidden apps show as semi-transparent icons.”


Proving that not all of us at the Cult are everything-painted-white minimalists, Leigh McMullen’s desktop is some more… normal. He got that desktop background from Blatte’s Fractals, in case you’re wondering.


Next we have Lonnie Lazar, whose desktop displays two things: a picture of his son, and that he still uses Tiger. Lonnie says he feels bad revealing that to the world, but I say no, Lonnie, don’t! Tiger’s cool.


And here’s a desktop from Pete Mortensen, who says the WALL”¢E image is new-ish; until recently, it was all Dangermouse. Crumbs, chief!

Right then you lot. Your turn. Post links to screenies here please. Best one gets a polite round of applause.

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