Now Anyone Can Mimic Film or Photo Styles of The Greats



PhotoCopy looks pretty amazing. It’s a plugin (for all the major editing software — see below) that takes any still image or video clip and applies a special filter that mimics a particular style. For still images, the filters can mimic the styles (included as presets) of 40 photographs taken by well-known photographers, 72 individual paintings from classic artists or 30 unique photographic processes (some of which are pretty unusual — I’ve never even heard of “salt print”). Video can be transformed into styles sampled from famous movies, like Apocalypse Now, Blade Runner or Gone With the Wind. There’s much more — check out PhotoCopy’s details at developer Digital Film Tool’s website.

The photo version of the app is available as a plugin for Photoshop (including Elements), Lightroom and Aperture for $95; the video version is $195 and works with After Effects, Final Cut Pro or Avid.