Don't wait: Grab the super-fine wallpapers coming with 2023 MacBook Pro

Don’t wait: Grab the crazy super-fine wallpapers coming with 2023 MacBook Pro


2023 MacBook Pro in 14- and 16-inch versions
These wallpapers would look great on your MacBook.
Photo: Apple

Part of the reason the 2023 MacBook Pro looks amazing is the wallpapers Apple used. But obviously you don’t have to buy the new notebook just to get the wallpapers. They’re available to download now.

Get them to dress up your own MacBook.

2023 MacBook Pro wallpapers are available now

Wallpapers are just the images we put in the background of our macOS desktops, but they are something we look at every day so they matter. Some people stick with the one that comes with their computer, but others prefer pictures of their family or pets.

If you’d like to keep up with the latest wallpapers from Apple, concept artist Ian Zelbo extracted the ones from the AR files for the just-announced MacBook Pro.

The files can be save directly off Twitter, and are also available on Google Drive. Each image is 1874-by-937 pixels and 184 KB. For higher quality, Ytechb posted 3024-by-1964-pixel versions.

They are clearly inspired by the grid-based paintings of Piet Mondrian. There is a purple-and-blue version or a blue-and-green alternative.

As for the 2023 MacBook Pro itself, it’ll be available in 14- and 16-inch versions, with either the new Apple M2 Pro or M2 Max processors.