Apple Hints iPhone 5 Coming To Verizon In July



As Verizon’s systems get crushed with customers eager to buy an iPhone 4, Apple has hinted that the iPhone 5 will be coming to the carrier in July.

Everyone knows that Apple will be refreshing the iPhone hardware this summer. But the big question about today’s Verizon launch is whether that carrier will get new hardware in less than six months. It seems likely. Apple is strongly rumored to be working on a dual-mode handset that works on both GSM and CDMA networks. But where does that leave VZW’s early adopters? How are they going to feel about buying a device made obsolete in a few months?

The New York Times columnist David Pogue asked Apple these questions. Here’s what Apple said:

Apple won’t say if there will be an iPhone 5 for Verizon this summer. (“Let’s put it this way: We’re not stupid,” is all an Apple rep would say.) But if it does, and you buy an iPhone 4 now, you’ll be stuck with an outdated phone in only five months.

To me, this reads like a tacit admission that the iPhone 5 will launch on Verizon and AT&T simultaneously this summer. Obviously Apple won’t pre-announce the iPhone 5 on VZW because no one that network will buy the iPhone 4 today.

As Apple says, “We’re not stupid.”

  • Magaret

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  • Dominnik

    loool what a crap. Samsung galaxy s 2 will be still domination it, just like SGS-i9000 did vs iphone4.

  • Adaptcontrol95

    Apple sucks Harry Baals.

  • Adaptcontrol95

    Apple sucks Harry Baals.

  • Ana Maria Benavides Guancha

    wow i cant believe the man below actually compared an iphone to a samsung gallaxy, its like comparing rats with dinosaurs, when the iphone 5 jailbreak comes out to light there will be no limits for an iphone user.

  • Deecrowley40

    compared to what? Apple makes all of the best products available…

  • Deecrowley40

    lol Galaxy?? android is worthless you have to have antivirus just so it will work.. you people are insane

  • Joe

    Sorry, but you are misinformed. No anti virus needed on Android. Make up your crap some place else.

  • A Pereira043

    LOL you guys are funny. Apple products put everything else to bed. They are efficient, well designed and easily maintained. They are also so user friendly you would have to literally have a mental disability to be incapable of enjoying one, and even then they are still the best.

    Boycott apple as much as you want, but everyone knows the truth ;)

  • Sup Pyo

    apple is the best so stop being a idiot ur just mad cause your 2 poor 2 afford it…… pwned!

  • Steve Fuller

    Outdated? It will still make calls and run apps.

  • Landon Robinson

    Ok, now you’re just trolling. If this guy likes Android, he likes Android. If you like Apple, don’t rip on other people who don’t like it.

    Go find a little crevice in 4chan and set up there.

  • nicole converseolson

    Apple also creates the trends all other companies follow

  • nicole converseolson

    I have the samsung galaxy and its a great phone when it isn’t freezing up or shutting down I’m waiting for the iPhone 5 and switching

  • Joshwawilson

    Actually, two of my consigns have severe autism and they both have iPads, apples iOS is so user friendly that it can even help kids with mental disabilities to learn and have fun on their own.

  • Joshwawilson

    So true haha

  • Joshwawilson

    Well obviously not since I’ve never heard of SGS-i9000….

  • Cupcake

    I’m with you, i loved my ipod, but didn’t like the fact in having to keep track of two different devices when i could have everything on one. Because at the time it was still rumored if we were getting the iphone or not I got me the Droid 2. It has alot of nice features and one can personalize it to fit their needs. But when my contract runs out I will be going for the iphone 4 or even possibly iphone 5 if it’s out with my carrier. BTW I just switched from being a PC user to being a Mac. So it would be nice to have a phone that can sink to my itunes.

  • Peterpan

    iphone4 or 5….. thunderbolt…
    to me they are same shit…
    I am wondering how many users use the full scope of smart phone’s functionalities.
    I rather pay less and use whatever I need!

  • FuckIphone

    yeah.. wise ass.. keep on buying the new gadgets as they come out with little update on the system with you don’t use 80% of its functionalities. You are falling under apple’s trick of what they called MARKETING.

  • nofanofdeb

    “We’re not stupid.” Could also be interrupted as “We’re not stupid, we won’t piss off thousands of new phone buyers by putting out a new and better phone than they JUST bought.”

    Or – “We’re not stupid, we aren’t going to release the next generation of a phone we JUST RELEASED a few months prier. and piss off thousands of new phone buyers.

  • john_858

    Dittos Nicole. My Verizon Fascinate is a nice concept but Samsung missed it on several key points. My brother has iPhone4 with Verizon and he says it has yet to lock up/freeze, etc. And if iPhone5 launches late June 2011 for Verizon’s LTE network, it will be “hands down” THE Undisputed Heavy Weight Champion of Smart Phones. What a powerhouse that will be: iPhone5 on Verizon’s blazing LTE network.

    Did you hear that Verizon has announced LTE coverage in over 145 markets by the end of 2011? http://network4g.verizonwirele… Verizon LTE throughput = 5-12 MBPS. AT&T HSPA+ (what AT&T is now marketing as 4G) = 1-3 MBPS. Sprint’s (I mean Clear’s) Wi-Max technology = 2-5 MBPS. So LTE is much faster than other so-called 4G technologies; in some cases over 10 faster. Even when AT&T launches LTE, Verizon will still have an inherent advantage at 700 MHz. Verizon owns contiguous spectrum nationwide at the 700 MHz frequency. That lower frequency band means better reception farther from the tower and better in-building penetration for better reception indoors. Wish Verizon would talk about this stuff more vs. a stupid 60’s era Batman slapstick prowler hauling heavy duty cables on a rooftop to power up his Thunderbolt via lightnight strike??? I have no clue what Verizon is doing with their LTE ad campaign but it sucks. They need to fire the ad agency yesterday and talk about real-life stuff or their message will get lost in the noise of competitors’ “My 4G is the same as your 4G.” marketing lies. What happened to Rule the Air? What happened to making all of this speed and coverage meaningful for real-life application for consumers? Ah… but I digress.

  • The Billboard Family

    iPhone 5 “soft” First Test – VIDEO: BLOG: -RETWEET-

  • Jase Kunkel

    had an iphone 3, didn’t like it as much as my droid inc. i just didn’t like the limitations you get when you buy anything apple, everyone talks about macs and apple but if you want a linux os get ubuntu. beats mac os hands down. no one pays attention to the important things like the fact that apple is dying as a company right along with steve jobs. ipad, now has competitors that make a better product for a better price. same with the phones, with android i get free apps and i can change my battery and storage instead of having to buy a new phone when it tanks like my iphone did.
    and all these comments about how easy iphones are to use, its true because you are not allowed to do anything on them lol.. you want a REAL phone, get an android phone, root it and put an iphone 4 rom on it, has the same look and feel as an iphone but its better because it still works like an android. but i guess it all comes down to stupid competition, iphone owners think they got the best deal and vise versa, i look at it like this, i don’t talk smack because you drive a honda civic, don’t talk smack because i drive a bmw, at the end of the day they both get you from a to b.

  • Deecrowley40

    Mr. Jase, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this blog is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • Randompplunited

    now don’t go hating on the Iphone, ur just jealous u don’t have 1 :)

  • Jcullum20

    stop arguing, people like different stuff about different phones. it doesn’t matter what you think. Apple is trying to help everyone becasue over 75% of adults can function any other phone that is created now like the androids or blackberry’s.

  • Wynn33vans

    iphone is the best product to buy these days some phones may have same or similar features but they have more technical problems and freeze alot moree. trust me i have a smart phonee that freezes on me and stuff and its mircosoft. these companies steel macs ideas and try to publish them before they do but mac still comes out best.

  • Finnions101

    ur a fag…. apple does make shitty products. its a fact. and they are all the same. id rather drop 50 more dollars and get the thunderbolt to spare being part of your stereotype.

  • Apple?

    i think what you just typed is absolutely true… ? is better than microsoft (micro SOFT) there softies..

  • Apple?

    haven’t even heard of what you just typed about (the other competitors)

  • Apple?

    good on ya Cupcake Mac and Apple are awesome.

  • Apple?

    aha i agree. ah us Apple and Mac owners/fans are awesome.

  • Correct Vocab

    It could also be interrupted?

  • Bodaciousgal15

    isn’t it real cheap to upgrade…?

  • Bodaciousgal15

    can’t you upgrade for something like $30 or $50 dollars with verizon when they release a newer model?

  • Rajasekaran

    If only cellphone providers work like that. I just have 5 months to go on my contract (have BB) and i wanted to buy a galaxy 4g, TMO asks $350 + tax with 2 years contract. Greedy SOBs.

  • guest

    not necessarily, sometimes they try to act funny and try to make you pay full retail price for the upgraded phone. But hey you never know considering the fact that when the ipad 2 came out they let people who bought the older version of the ipad in the last 2 months before the release of the new one trade it in for the new version for a small fee….i think

  • Strongirl16

    Apple,please let the iPhone 5 come to Verizon.I NEED IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rcdickerson

    will they make the iphone 5 in white? if they do i’m sold! lol!

  • Zifnab2k

    WTF do you get this crap from? I’ve had Android since it began and i’ve never had a virus, or used anti virus. You’re just another dumb apple sheep that does little to no research about products. You just see an apple logo and buy it.

  • Msorchid

    I’m waiting for the iPhone 5. I’ve waited for years for an iPhone because I refused to give up my Verizon. I can wait a few more months to have it ALL!

  • TiNa

    If you have an upgrade it is $199.99 for the 16GB and $299.99 for the 32GB. Although its cheaper than without an upgrade you will still be charged tax for the full price. So if your getting the 16GB it will be around $250.00-$300.00 and the 32GB will be around $350.00-$400.00, hope i helped.

  • TiNa

    The apple phones are usually the ORIGINAL version, all other phones are basically replicas. If apple didnt invent the iphone there would not be a smart phone at all. Apple released the ipad and within months others released a similar thing so STOP HATING! If apple didnt do what it did you wouldnt have any of the products you THINK are better. SHUTUP ABOUT THE APPLE PRODUCTS NOT BEING GOOD.

  • TiNa



  • Strohl7

    who cares on what other people buy. it’s their own decision. if they fuck up and make the wrong decision, then that’s their problem, not yours. haha.

  • Lou

    smartphones were around long before the iphone and tablet pc’s also.the ipad is just a 10 inch iphone and a real tablet runs actual software not a phone OS

  • Emartin

    fuck you piece of shit spoiled little 12 year old

  • Aya469

    you’re a dumbass, smartphones were around looong before the iPhail, you fuckin apple sheep are retarded.

  • Joshikusiii

    I have an Iphone 4…it is not the be all end all. Yes it’s a great design, yes the UI is EXTREMELY user friendly and easy to learn…as it should be it was designed for the masses, and the screen is fantastic. Yet I wanted to do something like copy a photo album to my iPhone 4…it took me about 6 hours due to a simple software glitch that Apple has been made aware of for over a year but hasn’t bothered to fix it. I can’t watch TV shows from the iTunes store on my computer anymore because with every new version update it gets choppier, yet another WIDELY KNOWN glitch Apple refuses to address. The problem with Apple is they are overconfident, it has to work their ONE way or not at all, there’s never a workaround. Their hardware and software are well designed but when an issue arises it’s too bad so sad for you. You wait until a new version comes out, and pay for it. Or like others you keep waiting and keep paying and it still doesn’t get fixed. I’m trading for a Droid X and I could care less…I can do anything I would be able to on my iPhone and I’d actually be able to have a clear conversation with a person again. A friend of mine had his Iphone 4 replaced twice because it kept shutting down. It’s all propaganda…they are just as prone to failure and malfunction as any other mass produced electronic device in the world. And ‘it can be used by the mentally handicapped’ is not a selling point for me. Sorry. I’m glad it worked out for you.

  • kyle b

    ive also had an androin since the begining, ive had three droid 1s two droid 2s and now i have the droid global. and sent that back twice in less than two weeks. and ive had all in the term of one two year contract android is shit. and im pretty sure my macbook pro will shit on any 500$ piece of crap computer you own. hence why i will switch to mac and continue to support mac to the fullest extent because mac pwns. ends of story.

  • Alberto Aguilar

    It could also mean ‘We’re not stupid, we aren’t going to tell them to wait, we wold prefer they buy both.” 

  • Nicksquire25


  • Hello


  • Ashok Dbkrb

    Nice Phone

  • blah

    No, I agree. Apple/Macintosh is all a fad. There’s ton of companies that followed, but Apple/Mac is just smart with their advertisements, marketing, etc. That’s all. While other popular phones are known by word of mouth.

  • JBLJ

    ()——————} —    —
    ()——————}     —        

  • Sjdghost

    Any idea if they are going to make an iPhone with 64GB??? I really need a 64GB if I am going to get the iPhone!

  • iphone man

    iphones are good but the make the,e to much

  • blithe

    Apple actually makes incredibly significant improvements from product to product each year, despite what all of you are saying.  Take a quick look at the iPod Touch: Within the last few years it has turned from not only some music playing device with simple internet and email capabilities, but into what is arguably the most powerful noncellular handheld touch-screen device on the market… and for an extremely legitimate price that keeps becoming more and more worth the money as the hardware and software become more and more advanced.  The iPhone hands-down has the most reliable and well equipped software to date, easily surpassing Android and Symbian (Windows is of no competition yet).  For those of you that say otherwise there are things you may be overlooking: The iPhone’s OS may indeed be restrictive in regards to what you can do with it, however one can easily jailbreak the firmware (a task made quite simple at this point).  Becoming marginally within comparison to Apple’s Jailbroken OS is a Herculean task that, honestly, is being valiantly attempted.  Hardware-wise the iPhone is at an ever so slight disadvantage, falling behind in regards to its lack of a physical keyboard and microSD card slot, features currently on the list to become part of a future model in due time.  The iPhone does however have just about everything else, 2 cameras, flash, touch screen, volume buttons, ever-growing ram and storage capacity, as well as outstanding battery life.  For those of you trolling about the iPhone, get your facts straight.  In no way does this mean that one should buy a new iPhone every year (my iPod Touch may not be ‘up to date’, but it works incredibly well thanks to quality. I cannot say the same for my Droid 2, nor my friend’s various other smartphones – though the hardware is reliable, OS quality is a pet peeve of mine.), but for those of you looking for a new phone, the iPhone should not be disregarded so irrationally (as you all have been doing).  As for features that go unused? If you can’t handle the versatility of the iPhone, I feel like you shouldn’t be putting it down.  Feel free to ask me what the iPhone cannot do that other phones can other than what I have listed, I’m interested to see what you come up with. (Yes, there may be some things that I cannot rebut.)

    Marketing is indeed part of the whole thing, and as I mentioned, buying every new product is not necessary.  It’s nice to have tiered products; options aren’t a bad thing to have.  Price-wise the iPhone is similar and sometimes less expensive than other phones with…similar?…capabilities. (Droids, Blackberries, etc) Previous iPhone models tend to be closer in comparison to the abilities of other leading brand’s smartphones, and due to being outdated, older iPhones cost much less than original sales prices and so are easier to afford.  Then again, if price is the problem here, we shouldn’t be promoting the other competing smartphones that, well, tend to also be expensive. Save up.


    Can you help me? will I phone 4 or I phone 5 sync with Office contacts and calender. You seem to know a lot about the phone and this is something I would like to know before buying one.

  • Jasonsmith

     ur stupid ..

  • Jasonsmith

     droids are better thn iphone  …. u people just think that having an iphone is cool .. idiots !!!!!!

  • blithe

    Yes, the iPhone can sync with Office.
    <http: business=”” iphone=””“”> The iPhone utilizes full support with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. Please feel free to ask any other questions.</http:>

  • blithe

    Sorry, the site appears to have skewed the link I posted.
    the link was < http : / / www .apple .com / iphone / business / >

  • guest

    next time you make fun of someone maybe you should spell the words right…pwned?? pretty sure you mean “owned”….just saying, you’re an idiot

  • blithe

    I have to agree with you; if you’re going to troll do it well.  It’s way too easy to shoot right back into the face of someone when they can’t spell, are grammatically challenged, or even inept at both.

    Also, If you are about to say ‘pwned’ is a word you are indeed wrong.  ‘Pwned’ only exists because a player that released a custom warcraft map misspelled the word owned within the game mechanics.  As it is so commonly used almost everywhere on the web, it’s slightly more acceptable than that of other errors. However, even to rebut what I am saying and claim that it is, perchance, meaning the word ‘pawned,’ it is in fact still mistyped and therefore not spelled correctly.

  • guest

    dude.. get with it! haha PWNED is exactly what he meant lol, look it up idiot

  • Jasons_Retarded

    jason, your literally retarded for even begining to think your right

  • qwerty634

    if Apple is soooo shitty they why do so many people have apple products and why do all of the other companies copy what apple does. for example no one ever had a front facing camera on their phone until iphone 4 came out with it, and then that t-mobile phone came out with it. Also, there was NEVER a tablet until iPad. which in my opinion its not a tablet, its way better. 

    Okay so for that guy saying that ur not going to use 80% of the new stuff on it, you have to give them credit for at least trying new things. iphone 4 had that antenna problem, but i have never seen anything like it before.

  • lil bit

    You’re clearly an idiot and obviously your thought process and reasoning skills are lacking. You resort to insults because you can’t think of an intelligent argument. I own the HTC Incredible, and I love it. It’s a good phone that suits my needs perfectly. The only smartphones I’ve had have been Androids. But I’m not some childish, RIDICULOUS fan-boy who latches on to one particular product or OS and fanatically defends it as if I’m the sole reason for its existence. That’s exactly what you people do and children are exactly what you act like. Since you don’t even have the grace to be embarrassed, I will be ashamed on your behalf. That goes for both Android and Apple fanboys. What a bunch of sheep. You would think you had a hand in making the product. I can’t stand you dumb asses. If you think one product is better, buy it and use it, but if a better one comes out later, regardless of the producer, why would you reject it? Is it a professional sports team you are required to root for? I’m starting to think it is. I mean, it really has gotten to that point. Can’t you see how completely absurd that is? I used to laugh at it, but now all I can do give an incredulous grunt and shake my head.

     BTW, Finnions, if Apple makes such shitty products, why are Macs rated as one of the best laptops on the market? Why is the Iphone still, after years, one of the best-selling smart phones on the market? HTC has cranked out DOZENS of phones, ALL with the purpose and intention of competing with the Iphone.  As for the thunderbolt, you go right ahead and waste your money buddy. I promise you, you will be returning that phone within the 14 days.

  • lil bit

    I’m willing to bet your mommy or daddy bought you your first iphone. You don’t have money, your parents do. No doubt you dropped out of high-school and you survive because your parents tolerate you. Judging by your language, lack of proper punctuation and your choice of retarded, teenage lingo, you’re a young fool fast on your way to becoming a reject. You must be so proud of yourself.

  • lil bit

    Obviously you took a disliking to what he said, but to say he made no rational thoughts is… irrational. You didn’t hear it, you read it, and frankly, you are dumber for writing a response. Your post is pure spite. One of the most insanely idiotic, spiteful post I have ever read. Please go bury your head in the sand and hopefully everyone will kick you in the ass as they walk by. Prick.

  • lil bit

    Hey! Everyone look at me! I’m being a troll just like Deecrowley! Do you get some sort of twisted satisfaction by insulting people on the internet? Your sense of achievement comes from being a keyboard warrior, doesn’t it? Incredible. Just incredible. What a great man you are!

  • blithe

    All this is true, buy what suits you.  Knowing what you are getting for your money combined with the potential of alternatives is all part of this.  The HTC Incredible is a good phone, there is no denial of that… The point made about OS’ is that iOS is several years older than most others.  This is like saying that WoW is the ‘best’ MMORPG (this is not my opinion, but I am not saying that there is a better MMORPG either)  Well yes, WoW has YEARS on top of most competing games… but these other games have spectacular potential, they just need time to flourish.  Getting back to mobile OS’, iOS 5 may be a bit less buggy and/or ahead of Android or other OS’… but that is by no means saying that Android, for instance, lacks the potential to meet iOS or even surpass it in the near future.  The iPhone is only one phone, it’s updated annually, and it’s made by Apple. Android phones have many designs and capabilities, and the Android OS is made by ever rapidly expanding Google – there will indeed be legitimately exciting mobile progress in years to come.

  • kirjautuneena

    it is
    so small body that you can put this spy camera clock in your pocket and easily take with you anywhere.


  • Tyler Smith

    please hurry because my birthday is coming up and i want it really bad!

  • Aaron Wahl

    well verizon has the fastest 4g and the iphone 4 is only 3g we need that 4g homie!!!!!!

  • Dianne M Wells

    I love the tunderbolt better then the iphone

  • Jenna Alexis

    fuck, now i’m thinking about waiting for the iphone5 because some say it is waterproof!

  • Rferna4074

    Me too! I’ve been waiting since last yr when the I phone 4 was out. I’m due for an upgrade!