Nvidia’s Fastest PC-Only Graphics Cards Headed For Mac, Hacker Hints


Nvidia's GeForce GTX 850, currently its fastest Windows-only card, may soone be headed to the Mac, courtesy of a hack.

It looks like Nvidia’s fastest graphics cards could be headed for the Mac — courtesy of an unofficial hack.

The Russian hacker known as Netkas has hinted that he’s cracked Nvidia’s Fermi ROM, the firmware underlying its most powerful cards, which are currently Windows-only.

In a post titled “On the mac’s fermi ROM,” Netkas posted a winking smiley face — a hint that he’s cracked the drivers for Nvdia’s most powerful line of graphics cards.

Netkas is a highly regarded hacker, most famous for his Hackintosh EFI Bootloader hack, which allows generic PC hardware to run Mac OS X.

Given the hacker’s reputation, it is “certain that he has found a way,” says HardMac, which follows graphics hacks closely. Hardmac reckons Netkas was able to adapt the ROM of Nvidia’s Quadro FX 4000, which has Mac drivers.

HardMac is hoping to see Mac ROM for Nvidia’s GTX 580, the most powerful Fermi card available.

There’s a thriving hacking underground that unofficially adapts Mac drivers for Windows PC cards, which are usually much cheaper than their Mac counterparts.