Holafly eSIM gives iPhone users international data without barriers


With Holafly eSIM you can stay connected wherever you go, all over the world.
With Holafly eSIM you can stay connected wherever you go, all over the world.
Photo: Holafly

An eSIM in your iPhone can keep you connected wherever you go internationally while avoiding expensive roaming charges. It’s super-easy to set up an eSIM. Plus, you can create different profiles for different countries or regions, so you never have to worry about getting hit with surprise charges.

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You can even use your regular SIM card alongside an eSIM. Find out more about how companies like Holafly provide eSIM service in this guide for international travelers.

Use Holafly’s eSIM to travel to more than 160 countries

Holafly eSIM has been in the international marketplace for years. It currently serves about 535,000 customers, in more than 160 countries, all over the world. After trying data roaming and Pocket Wi-Fi, the Holafly team learned that virtual or digital SIM cards — known as eSIM — are simply the best way to economically connect to the internet while abroad.

“Holafly eSIM is an international eSIM shop for more than 160 destinations,” the company says. “It’s simple to set up and provides 4G connection around the world. You’ll connect to the internet in less than two minutes just by scanning a QR code, and you’ll never have to
pay those high roaming fees again.”

How eSIM works for travelers

Setting up an eSIM is almost as easy as just scanning a QR code.
Setting up an eSIM is almost as easy as just scanning a QR code.
Photo: Holafly

Holafly eSIM solves multiple problems related to obtaining and using international data for travelers. Namely, it makes it easy and keeps costs low.

When you buy a Holafly international eSIM, the whole experience is virtual and nearly instantaneous. And that’s all because there is no physical SIM card. The service takes advantage of technology already built into your iPhone to eliminate the need to fiddle with those aggravatingly tiny plastic SIM cards.

What is eSIM?

Most smartphones have a little tray that pops out of the side that holds a physical SIM card. eSIM is a digital microchip version of that. They are included in various devices that can always be connected to the internet, like smartphones, wearables, home appliances, cars and more.

And because eSIM isn’t a physical card, it can be activated very quickly over the air. There’s no need to go to a telecoms shop to get a card to pop into your device. Just sign up with Holafly and scan digital codes for the locations you want.

Recent iPhone models already allow up to 20 eSIM profiles, with different phone numbers and data plans. Switching between them while you travel is easy. Switching among them lets you travel in different countries without connectivity interruptions or high costs due to roaming charges. (Some older models also can take advantage of this technology. Check if your iPhone is on the list of eSIM-compatible phones.)

For instance, you could add free roaming to a profile for a country where you’re planning to travel, and use that profile/phone number during your trip to cut down costs. And with Holafly, you get support in 164 countries all over the world, with regular and unlimited data plans. That covers a lot of ground and potentially saves you a lot of money.

Benefits of Holafly eSIM

The advantages of Holafly eSIM are many and varied. First, because there is no physical card, you don’t have to worry about getting it, installing it or possibly damaging it. (Not to mention there are no delivery costs.) And if you lose your device, you can still recover access to your data plan, because doing that doesn’t depend on the physical card.

Second, Holafly offers unlimited data plans in some countries that can eliminate the hassle (and expense) of running out of data on your next trip. And course, the lack of a plastic chip means less harm done to the environment.

In addition, iPhone and some other cellular gadgets allow you to keep as many as 20 eSIM profiles — each with different phone numbers and data plans.

Where you can travel with international eSIM

Traveling to another country? With an eSIM, rest assured your iPhone will work.
Traveling to another country? With an eSIM, rest assured your iPhone will work.
Photo: Andrea Piacquadio@Pexels.com

Are you planning to travel all over the world? Good, because Holafly’s eSIM support in 164 countries provides coverage on all the world’s continents — from eSIM USA to eSIM Europe to eSIM Asia and beyond.

In fact, once you buy eSIM coverage with Holafly, you could plot an epic journey and travel to various countries on all seven continents — all without ever losing your connection or paying a roaming charge. For example, if you get the eSIM Europe, you will get unlimited data in numerous countries in the region, including Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, France and Turkey, while only paying one time.

Imagine the hassles of traveling that extensively with physical SIM cards. Well, with Holafly eSIM, those hassles are a thing of the past.


So by now, it should be clear we’re not talking about your grandfather’s SIM card. (Seriously, those little plastic cards first appeared in 1991, then got smaller over time.) We’re talking about a digital version — with no physical card at all — that takes the hassle out of staying connected internationally and avoiding those sometimes-shocking roaming charges. With Holafly eSIM, you get those benefits and more.


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