Sexytime Soundtrack App Puts the Laughs Back in Sex


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If you need a good laugh as much as you need a roll in the hay, a new app that promises to synch music to the intensity of your lovemaking may be just the thing.

The Matt Berry Sexytime Soundtrack App works using the iPhone’s accelerometer – put your phone on your bed and it should regulate the music to your amorous ministrations. So the harder you go at it, the raunchier the music gets.

Just don’t expect to keep a straight face: you’ll be goaded and chided by the voice of Matt Berry, who interjects things like: “You’ll probably get breakfast for this.”

Fans of TV show the IT Crowd know Berry as Douglas Reynholm, the always-inappropriate CEO with the booming baritone voice.

There are a few different kinds of music for the app from Hat Trick Productions, you can choose “expert sex,” “holiday sex,” or “ugly sex,” (which is where he adds thoughts like: “Just imagine it’s her sister.”)

The preview audio clip for the app – which just launched in time for Valentine’s day – had us more in giggles than in heat.

If you do deserve Berry’s “Well done, Stallion!” you can share it with the world in Twitter and Facebook.

It’ll set you back $0.99.