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This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: BEP360, Task Eater, Essay & More!


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This week’s must-have iOS apps features the impressive new BEP360 application from the Black Eyed Peas, which boasts the first jaw-dropping ‘3D360’ mobile music video, as well as access to each band member’s Twitter feed, an addictive little mini-game, and more.

Task Eater is a beautifully simple task management application that helps you to stay organized with the help of your iPhone. It offers all of the great features you need to manage your todo list, including notes; color highlighting; and due dates with alarms, and its minimalistic user interface makes everything very easy.

Essay is a rich text editor that provides only the most essential formatting options to keep you focussed on your document. It uses the HTML file format and offers a wealth of features that make it a fantastic writing application for any writer.

Find out more about the applications above and check out the rest of this week’s must-haves, including 3D Audio Illusions and CelebrityBooth, after the break!

BEP360($0.99) Universal – Entertainment

Drop in to a party with the Black Eyed Peas using the world’s first 360 mobile music video in BEP360. Hold up your iPhone or iPad and watch the band perform their latest hit single while you physically look around to change your view and experience the song in amazing 360 degree video. The app also features a cutting-edge augmented reality experience that enables you to point your device at the BEP’s album cover to see a cartoon band member popup and move to the beat. There’s also a fun puzzle mini-game, quick access to the band’s Twitter feeds, and more!

Task Eater($0.99) iPhone – Productivity

Task Eater is an incredibly simple task management application that makes it easy to stay organized with the help of your iPhone. Beautiful category icons help you categorize each of your tasks, and you can create your own icons by importing pictures from your camera roll. Due dates and alarms ensure you never miss a deadline, color highlighting allows you to emphasize important tasks, and a unique timeline view lets you see an overview of all of your tasks. If you’re looking for a useful todo management applications that’s well designed and easy to use, Task Eater could be just what you need.

Essay($3.99) iPad – Productivity

Essay is a rich text HTML editor that offers only the most essential formatting options to keep you focussed on the document you’re working on, and the innovative word & character counts situated in your toolbar mean you can keep track of the progress you’re making. The simplistic user interface makes using the application very simple and writing on the iPad a pleasure. There are several ways to import and export your documents, and you have the ability to email your text as HTML, with all of the formatting options available on your desktop. Sync your documents to your Dropbox account so that you have access to them wherever you are, print them via AirPrint, or use the file sharing feature within iTunes to save them to your computer.

3D Audio Illusions($0.99) iPhone – Entertainment

Mesmerize yourself and your friends with a collection of incredibly realistic 3D audio illusions that will make you feel like you’re experiencing the sounds around you in real life. The large collection of sounds include a croaking frog, bees flying around your head, a crashing thunderstorm, a virtual haircut, and many more. If you find listening to the sounds of nature and wildlife relaxing, this application is a great purchase.

CelebrityBooth($0.99) iPhone – Photography

Our last must-have application this week is a humorous one – CelebrityBooth puts you in the limelight and allows you to create hilarious pictures in which you are a celebrity by taking famous shots and replacing the star’s head with your own. You can also create pictures in which you’re snapped with a star, with hundreds to choose from from the world of music, movies, sports, politics, top models, and more. It’s easy to use and the results are pretty impressive, guaranteeing a giggle. Share your creations with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and brag about the time you did lunch with Obama.