50 Mac Essentials #27: On The Job



On The Job is an excellent tool for small business owners, freelancers, contractors, and anyone else who needs to charge clients for work.

The app does several different jobs. The work timer will keep track of how long you spend on a project. It will even notice if your computer is left idle – perhaps you went off for a lunch break and forgot to deactivate the timer – and will gently remind you to be honest and remove the used time from the client tally. You can use the time from the app itself, or from the convenient shortcut icon in your Menu Bar.

At the other end of the process, it tots up the work done, multiplies units used by unit cost (all of these are variables that you control), and spits out an invoice in one of a number of smart, professional-looking templates.

There are many alternative invoice and time trackers, and there are some that offer quite a few additional features. But we like On The Job for its simplicity and value for money. (And that icon is just fantastic.)

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