First iPhone Web Apps Available



For all of the complaining that has tripped down the wire about Apple’s total lack of an SDK for the iPhone, a couple of entrepreneurial developers have already created iPhone apps to try out in Safari.

Shown above is David Cann’s alternate interface for Digg. It’s quite fun, and I actually find it a better way to navigate Digg than the real site. (Sorry, Kevin!) I especially enjoy the way it implements the “grab and fling” interface for the rest of us.

The other contender is OneTrip, a quick (though very elegant) grocery list program put together over-night by Neven Mrgan. Both apps are really nice and fairly clear evidence that sophisticated programs suited to use on the iPhone are possible. I think the new Apple strategy of “the web is the new SDK” is actually a wonderful one. They’re pretty unlikely to crash, and really powerful development is a possibility.

Anyone want to lay money on how long it will be until Google issues a version of Reader optimized for the iPhone?

Via Digg. Twice.

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  • Dan

    The web apps take up alot of space and bandwidth that publishers may not be willing to part with. Just look at the top item on is getting hit pretty hard
    Since I got dugg yesterday, my server has slowed down a little. I had no idea people “out there” would show so much interest in OneTrip. Time to have a second look at that hosting plan..”