Turn Terminal.App Into A Flickering Vintage CRT With Cathode



Is OS X’s built-in Terminal app just too modern for you? Miss the days of phosphorescent emerald text burning through the convex black screen of an old cathode ray tube, slowly updating itself at 300 baud as it de-syncs and interlaces like crazy?

Me too. Cathode is a new terminal app that uses OpenGL and Cocoa to emulate the look of a vintage terminal, right down to the curve of the screen, the flicker and the jitter.

Geeky? Exquisitely so. As someone who grew up playing Rogue on an ancient IBM terminal, though, Cathode is right up my alley… especially given Nethack’s excellent OS X Terminal port. Now that’s the way a rogue-like is meant to be played!

Cathode is shareware, but use it for too long and the image quality will slowly degrade until you pay $20 for a license.