Top 5 Things to Do In San Francisco During Macworld



Heading to San Francisco to MacWorld? Here are some things to do during your precious free time – between strippers, actors and coffee, we’ve got you covered.

1. Go to a Strip Club

Eleven of the city’s big name strip clubs in North Beach are offering free or discounted admission with your Macworld badge. They include the SF classic hotspots like the Hungry-i,  the Condor and the Garden of Eden as well as Centerfolds and the Gold Club.

It begs the question: do they think Macworld is exclusively a man’s world, or that all Macs are horny and lonely? You decide.

Extra tip: if you’re into multitasking — and don’t mind the smell of strawberry body oil while you eat — the Hustler Club reportedly has an excellent happy hour buffet.

2. See “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs”

Once your vision is blurred from perusing the gadget booths, get a little perspective on the tech world today with Mike Daisey’s excellent two-hour show. (Read our review here or our interview with Daisey.)

You’ll laugh. (Probably guffaw. I did.) You’ll sigh. You probably won’t look at your devices the same way again. That’s a good thing.

The monologue is on at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, an easy BART ride from San Francisco.

3. Party at Cirque du Mac

When Apple pulled out of Macworld, the parties went, too. Cirque du Mac is historically the best one and, fortunately, it’s still standing. Held at the Broadway Studios nightclub in North Beach, the party is usually packed, raucous and boozy. Music is provided by the Macworld all-star band, a jam made up of mostly Mac writers, who rock hard.

Thursday’s 8 pm bash is invite only, but hey, with your charm and connections you’ll be checking out the trapeze act in no time.

4. Get Your Artisan Coffee Rung Up on an iPad

San Francisco is a hotbed of coffee culture. Confession: as an Italian coffee purista, I can’t bear to drink most of it. But the house Sumatra-Ethiopian-Guatemala roast at Sightglass results in the kind of cappuccino I got used to while living in Italy – without having to specify that “low foam, wet please” nonsense.

Sightglass, South of Market at 270 7th Street, is also the first cafe’ to have an iPad cash register.

Don’t get your shots and dash, though. The place is a low-key neighborhood hangout, especially for the folks who designed the Square iPad app running the register, their offices are just down the street.

5. Make a Pilgrimage to the Apple Company Store in Cupertino

You’ve probably already checked out the slightly claustrophobic Apple store in San Francisco’s Union Square. But have you made it out to 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino?

The Apple Company Store is where you get the serious goods: Apple logo t-shirts, caps and accessories that are only sold at company headquarters. And they have geniuses on hand to help you fix your Apple gear, too.
Plus if you’re at all hung over or jetlagged, taking the Caltrain to Sunnyvale will probably seem like an epic journey.

Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m