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4 responses to “Watch the WWDC 2007 Stevenote”

  1. Bill Coleman says:

    You know, in the history of WWDC, it has been exceedingly rare for Apple to announce new hardware products during WWDC.

    Now, with the demise of MacWorld Boston/New York, it may seem like it makes sense to move these to WWDC, but really, in today’s market, Apple doesn’t need to announce at a trade show or conference. They appear to get plenty sufficient market buzz off a media “event” or other special announcement action.

  2. Retractablebannerstands says:

    It was a bit like discovering your presents in the top of the wardrobe, ripping the wrapping paper to shreds, gorging on the chocolate, exhausting the novelty of the long-awaited toys and trying to piece the whole gruesome mess back together with the remaining sticky tape. Then getting told off by a gigantic Apple.