Will.i.am Invents The 360-Degree Music Video — And It Can Only Be Seen On iDevices



Boom boom, pow — the Black Eyed Peas, already one of the most cutting-edge bands to rock an iPod, may just have made music videos so two-thousand-and-late. That’s because they released an app today that includes a stunning, immersive 360-degree, augmented-reality enabled music video that sticks you in the middle of the action with the ability to pan around and become part of the action. And guess what — it’s only available on the iPhone, with no plans announced yet to make it available for any other platform.

The app, BEP360 ($3), isn’t just a one-trick pony though — point your iPhone at the cover of their latest album, The Beginning, and a mini band-member avatar (a “Baby Pea”) will pop up on the screen, with his (or her) latest tweet in a speech bubble; or insert yourself into a “virtual photoshoot” with one of the Peas; and other BEP-related fan action. will.i.apps also partnered with augmented-reality giant Metaio to create the other various AR experiences in the app

But the 360-degree music video looks by far to be the most incredible aspect of the app. In fact, BEP frontman will.i.am, who partnered with Edo Segal of Futurity Ventures (whose website doesn’t seem to be much more than a placeholder at this point) to create the app, has launched will.i.apps, an app development outfit with the focus of creating “a line of upcoming applications that will converge the worlds of creativity, music and advanced digital technologies,” including the 360-degree…experience, for lack of a better term right now…for other recording artists.

Here’s a link to a the demo clip.