Floating iPad, MacBook ready for close-ups in well-lit workstation [Setups]

Floating iPad and MacBook are ready for close-ups in well-lit workstation [Setups]


Who is this person, a movie star? A TV reporter? Nope, he's in sales.
Who is this person, a movie star? A TV reporter? Nope, he's in sales.
Photo: garywindthorp@Reddit.com

Today’s featured setup looks, at a glance, like it sports dual mounted laptops. But one’s an iPad Pro with a Magic Keyboard and one’s a MacBook Pro, floating on either side of a 32-inch external Samsung display. Universal Control lets the user work across the screens.

His only problem seems to be that silver Magic Trackpad sticking out like a sore thumb in darker surroundings. Naturally, social media came to the rescue with possible fixes.

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iPad Pro and MacBook Pro floating on stands bask in glow of video-quality lighting with wrong-color trackpad

Redditor garywindthorp showcased the brightly lit setup in a post entitled, “Finally completed — but wish the Trackpad was black.”

Windthorp runs a MacBook Pro mounted on a Rain Design mStand (on the right in the photograph) and an iPad Pro with a Magic Keyboard sitting on a Lamicall laptop stand and riser.

A commenter noticed the iPad on a stand as kind of a novelty, but Windthorp said Universal Control makes it a no-brainer. It lets him work across all three screens.

His main keyboard is a Logitech MX Keys Mini wireless keyboard, which he uses with a Logi wrist wrest and the seemingly ubiquitous Logitech MX Master 3 wireless mouse.

The whole setup basks in the warm glow of a key light and a ring light fit for shooting professional video. Windthorp isn’t an actor, reporter or podcaster, though. He works in sales and needs to look good for conference calls and video demos.

Which device does he use to shoot the well-lit video? It could be the iPad or the MacBook. But it could also be the 32-inch Samsung M8 UHD HDR Smart Monitor. It comes with AirPlay and a detachable Slimfit Camera.

“The monitor looks good and the webcam quality is on par with the MacBook,” Windthrop said in reply to a question. “I rarely use the smart features and it can be confusing to use. I wanted the Studio Display but could not justify the cost for my use case. I would say it’s worth it if you like the [aesthetics] and want a built-in webcam.”

Solving the wrong-color Trackpad problem

But commenters mainly turned their attention to solving Windthorp’s problem, as stated in his post’s title. He wishes his silver Magic Trackpad was black instead.

“Haven’t tried one, but I have seen there are skins for the Magic Trackpad, in multiple colors and patterns, maybe you could try a black one out,” said one helpful person.

Windthorp seemed game to give it a try, despite some doubts.

“Was thinking about it but heard it affects sensitivity, might be worth a shot!” he said.

Another commenter said they have a dbrand skin that “works perfectly fine.” But we didn’t see dbrand skins for Magic Trackpad on the company’s website or Amazon. And another person suggested these skins.

And of course something else brought up that you can buy black-and-silver Magic Trackpads straight from Apple again, which apparently came as a surprise to Windthorp.

“Oh wow, when I got mine they had discontinued the color,” he said. “Thanks for the link!”

Sounds like we know which option he’s going for.

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