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Nice MacBook Pro, but it’s all about that cool hybrid-model canine [Setups]


The M1 MacBook Pro and Samsung ultra-wide display form the setup's core, but the canine unit at right is a crucial feature, too.
The M1 MacBook Pro and Samsung ultra-wide display form the setup's core, but the canine unit at right is a crucial feature, too.

People love posting impressive photographs and descriptions of their computer setups online. And other people love either drooling over them or mercilessly criticizing them.

But no matter what technology appears — lets say a new-ish M1 MacBook Pro, a 4K wide-screen display, an excellent 4K webcam, rock-solid input devices and a reliable standing desk, as in today’s featured setup — it’s all forgotten if there’s a pet in the picture.

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2-year-old hybrid model canine steals show from newer M1 MacBook Pro

Redditor E_Sini showcased the setup in a post entitled, “My WFH Small Office Setup.” They run a late-2021 M1 MacBook Pro with a sharp, 34-inch Samsung ultra-wide display. The monitor gets 3440 x 1440 pixel resolution and features AMD FreeSync technology. A Logitech Brio 4K webcam sits on top.

But another piece of kit that the user described as a constant feature of the setup really stole the show, and much of commenters’ attention — a 2-year-old “hybrid model” of canine (aka a mutt).

In the photograph, the female unit is snoozing in the bed to the right of the Uplift standing desk. She automatically follows Sini when they leave but otherwise stays with the setup, they said.

“What’s the dog’s model?” asked a commenter.

“She’s a hybrid model someone cooked up: mostly shitzu, Chihuahua and beagle mixed with some other things,” Sini replied. “Her bark is a horrendous noise, but she doesn’t do it too much and is great otherwise.”

Sini noted his canine model came in a rollout of identically colored units, except for one special edition in black. And they all had a “weird afro look” except for Sini’s unit.

Logi peripherals

The Logitech Brio 4K webcam isn’t Sini’s only Logi peripheral. As we see with so many computer setups, this one’s input devices are all Logitech, too.

He runs a Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard and a Logitech MX Master 3 wireless mouse. Someone asked about how he likes the keyboard.

“Big fan. I used to have the Magic Keyboard. This one has contours on the keys and is WAY better for typing. Battery still great and can switch between multiple devices. It’s awesome,” Sini replied.

Uplift standing desk and Autonomous chair

Sini also had high praise for his furniture, an Uplift standing desk and an Autonomous chair.

“I got the smaller one so the top space is sometimes lacking depending on what I’m doing (writing, reading, and taking notes forces me to move my keyboard and such), but the desk itself is rock solid,” he said of the Uplift. “I also upgraded to the memory buttons which are clutch: 4 buttons so I have a height for sitting, and standing, one when I’m not working to tuck my chair under it, and one to my wife’s height if she comes over to use it quickly.”

Another commenter asked about the chair and whether Sini likes it.

“It’s an Autonomous chair that they don’t sell anymore,” Sini replied. “I think the newer one is called the ErgoChair Pro+ but it was only like $350 when I bought it. However, I switch between standing and sitting in it 8+ hours a day and it’s really helpful for my back strain. The only thing I wish is that there was mesh for the butt and back, which the new one has.”

Geriatric wallpaper

“Where did you get the screensaver?” asked a commenter, referring to the desktop wallpaper from the modern classic film The Matrix (1999). “My dad used to have one just like it.”

“This comment made me officially feel old LOL,” replied Sini. “It’s not a moving one which they have, too, and that looks really cool, but my screen falls asleep pretty fast so I didn’t feel it was worth it to move.”

You can get static version of the wallpaper here and a version in motion here.

This is not the same dog. It's a nearly identical hybrid model that is the pride and joy of a user. who admired the first dog.
This is not the same canine unit. It’s a nearly identical, but slightly larger version of hybrid canine that is the pride and joy of a user who admired the model in the setup.

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