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These iOS 16 features won’t be available at launch


iOS 16 features not coming on release day
Not all iOS 16 features will be available on release day.
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Not all new iOS 16 features will arrive on day one when the operating system launches this fall. A handful of them will come later, after Apple has had a chance to polish them and get them ready for prime time.

iOS 16 features not available at launch

Apple typically announces all new significant features coming to iOS and its other platforms during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. During this year’s keynote, the iOS portion focused on customization options for the iPhone Lock Screen and new ways to manage notifications.

However, Apple also showed off some other great features that, for a variety of reasons, won’t arrive with the first version of iOS 16.

As of now, these are the only iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 features that won’t arrive at launch. However, Apple could hold back other features if it thinks they are not ready for a public release by September.

1. Freeform

iOS 16 features delayed: Freeform is like a virtual whiteboard that will enable collaboration on iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Freeform is like a virtual whiteboard that will enable collaboration on iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Photo: Apple

Freeform is Apple’s upcoming cross-platform collaboration app that will let users work together in a shared digital space. It will let people work on iPhone, iPad and Mac without having to worry about layouts and page sizes.

You can use the app to jot down notes, share files and insert photos or videos. It also supports Apple Pencil, so you can truly let your creativity flow. When it launches, you’ll be able to start a Freeform session over a FaceTime call and see live updates from other users in a Messages thread.

As great as it sounds, it won’t arrive with the first version of Apple’s updated operating systems. The app will come to iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura “later this year,” Apple says.

2. Matter

Matter is the upcoming smart home standard that’s going to matter. The standard is maintained by the Connectivity Standards Alliance and has the backing of Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon and more than 200 other companies. It will allow for interoperability between smart home devices across different ecosystems.

Theoretically, Matter would let your HomePod mini act as a hub for the Google Nest doorbell.

It sounds quite ambitious — and potentially could make owning smart home products much more rewarding. However, Matter’s launch has been delayed a few times now. The latest estimate is that the new standard will launch in fall 2022.

3. SharePlay integration in Game Center

Apple is bringing SharePlay integration to Game Center with iOS 16. However, the feature — which will let you play games with a friend or family member while on a FaceTime call — won’t be available at launch.

4. Live Activities

Live Activities is a major new iOS 16 Lock Screen feature. It will provide you with real-time information on things that need constant attention: food delivery status, game scores and more. The goal is to let you avoid repeatedly opening an app to check the latest data.

Apple says Live Activities will arrive in an update later this year.

5. CarPlay improvements

CarPlay kicks into high gear
CarPlay looks like it’s groundwork for an Apple car.
Photo: Apple

Apple demonstrated the next-gen CarPlay while unveiling iOS 16 at WWDC22. The next version can take over your car’s instrument cluster and display customizable metrics like speed, distance, engine RPM and temperature. You can even use CarPlay to control the car’s interior climate, turn the AC on or off and more.

“Deep integration with the car’s hardware lets you tune your car’s radio or change your temperature without ever leaving the CarPlay experience,” said Emily Schubert, Apple’s senior manager of car experience engineering, during the WWDC22 keynote.

In addition, the new CarPlay experience seemingly will integrate with screens all over the dashboard.

However, don’t get too excited about it yet. The new CarPlay experience will arrive in vehicles from Land Rover, Ford, Audi, Honda, Volvo and more in 2023.

6. Web push notifications

Apple has been laying the groundwork for web push notifications since the first iOS 15.4 beta. The long-awaited feature will let web apps send alerts in mobile Safari the way regular apps do. (Safari on Mac already allows push notifications for web apps.)

Apple says opt-in web notification support from websites through Safari in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 will arrive in 2023.