Cydia Will Allow You To Re-Download Your Apps By Connecting To Your Facebook Account



One of the most irritating things about upgrading your version of iOS as a jailbreaker is losing all of the Cydia tweaks you’ve installed. Even if you re-jailbreak the next version of iOS, there’s no easy way to re-download and install all of your favorite apps and tweaks… especially if you’ve been grabbing them from third-party repositories.

Luckily, that seems like that’s about to change. Cydia’s newest feature allows you to re-download all of your apps easily in case you have to wipe and restore your device through the “Manage Account” section, which lets you keep track of your packages and app purchases through a Google or Facebook account.

Surely, there will be some who won’t entirely be comfortable handing over their Facebook or Google login details to a bunch of jailbreakers, but I just can’t wait to if it means I never have to find and download 5 Icon Dock again.