NVIDIA Settles With MacBook Pro Owners Over Faulty GPUs



A little more than two years after the controversy started, graphics chip maker NVIDIA has agreed to a settlement of Apple, Dell and HP owners who bought laptops with faulty GPUs.

For Apple owners, the settlement covers anyone who purchased a MacBook Pro from May 2007 to September 2008.

You might remember that this generation of MacBook Pro was prone to graphics failure due to faulty NVIDIA chips.

On Apple’s part, they have been extremely good about servicing laptops for free that were affected by the bad NVIDIA chips, covering those laptops even out of warranty for up to three years and issuing refunds to those who paid for repairs.

Now NVIDIA’s doing the same. If you paid for a repair on an Apple notebook computer related to the NVIDIA GPU, you can submit a claim by filling out this form. For a replacement, send in this form.