Skype-Killer VoxOx Relaunches, Adds Tons of New Features, iPhone App Coming Soon (Hopefully)



VoIP service VoxOx thought its rebranding at CES — which includes a massive effort to unify almost every method of communication known to man, and new features like being able to pick your own phone number for free — was such a big deal, they had an army of extras with duct-taped mouths following around an alien who gave away “dozens” (according to VoxOx) of iPhones at the show.

In fact, the PR stunt attracted so much attention it detracted from VoxOx’s actual message about all the neat stuff they’ve bundled into their reworked desktop app, and that they’re well on the way to having an iPhone app out, pending Apple’s approval (and as should be expected, VoxOx says they’ve focused on putting out an iPhone app ahead of any possible Android app).

Here’s the big picture about some of the new features; everything — apart from some outgoing calls — is free:

  • Everything from Facebook and Twitter updates, to AIM and Yahoo Messenger chat, to voice and fax communication has been unified under a single window; all the various channels through which to get hold of contacts is now grouped and contacts can be contacted directly through whichever means you choose through a single point; VoxOx is stressing the concept of unification very heavily (the titanic “UNIFY” on the VoxOx website might be a hint).
  • Users signing up for their free account can now select whatever phone number they want, (as long as it’s not already taken), and even pick the area code (although users signing up outside the U.S. get a pre-selected area code). That new VoxOx number can then be set up to forward calls, with a dizzying array of options, to any mobile number or landline. The VoxOx number also comes with voicemail.
  • Two-way realtime language translation: type stuff into the chat window, and VoxOx will automatically translate it to one of the other available languages. Works for incoming text too; great for conversations with your new Brazilian girl/boyfriend.
  • Files up to 100 MB can be uploaded to the VoxOx servers and shared with a VoxOx-generated link.
  • There’s more we haven’t mentioned. Here’s a chart comparing VoxOx with services like Google Voice, Skype and others.

VoxOx seems less expensive than Skype too — for instance, their unlimited calling plan for outgoing calls to the U.S. & Canada mobile and landlines (from within the same) is $2.45, compared with $3 for the same Skype plan. And all incoming (and VoxOx-to-VoxOx) communication of any kind is free.

We’ll have a review up eventually (hopefully when the iPhone app is released), to see if the quality of the service really does stack up; In the meantime (and while we’re waiting for the iPhone app), we think the massive plate of free features makes signing up a no-brainer.

  • >Panda

    We are still waiting for the iPhone app!! :-(

  • Alex

    would be great, IF the damned thing would allow me to take incoming calls instead of hanging up when I hit the softphone answer button :-(

  • cheebes

    having the exact same problem. I’m on the road so using the text message function is great but if you could actually ANSWER the incoming calls this would be an amzing piece of software. And of course the iphone app too ;)

  • Oceane Blanc

    Also you can send and receive faxes from your PDA or smart phone using Popfax internet fax service, fully featured mobile website.

  • TheEB

    Hey Alex,
    I work on the VoxOx social media team, maybe I can help. Have you submitted a ticket to our support? I can connect you with VoxOx support if you give me your ticket number or username.
    Hope to hear from you!

  • TheEB

    Hey Cheebes,
    Like I just told Alex, if you have a ticket number from our support team or a username I can get you connected with VoxOx support. If you haven’t contacted support and would like to go here…

    and ps- Thanks for the compliment! :)

  • Gderilus

    Voxox is suck, all that’s claimed are not actually working, they advertising imaginary stuffs…lol. I never is able to actually ad my contacts from facebook, yahoo or any other one…this little indication of the screen says I have 6 voicemail, I have been clicking on that thing for the pass 3 months trying to hear the vmail, it just sit there on a blank screen.  I have tried using different computers in different locations, same crap.  They would be indeed better than skype or the like if it indeed work.  Since it does not work as claimed, it’s less than a competitor to skype or the like…

    the funny thing is when you write a ticket, you will get the wrong reply maybe after a couple of weeks if not months…

    My personal opinion is THE ARE NOT READY FOR THE MARKET YET.

  • glassgnosis

    I did not had good results with Voxox from a year or so ago, so I tried again yesterday. I was requested to update to the newest version of the desktop app., when I did, I couldn’t get the logon screen. I got a notice: Entry Point not Found: The entry point WSAPoll could not be located in the dynamic link library WS2_32dll. I posted a ticket and got a reply with a question about the situation. This is a big improvement over the last attempt to get support. I have hopes that I can get my problem resolved and start using a service that I think has great potential.BTW, the ticket number is #26971.