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iPad Cash Register Arrives at Grand Central Coffee Shop



Some of the crowds passing through Grand Central Terminal in New York will be carrying coffee drinks purchased from an iPad cash register at Joe.

ShopKeep.com is behind the point-of-sale app designed for small businesses that can also print out receipts and even makes a satisfying ka-ching when the sale rings up. The iPad register also transmits sales to its web-based BackOffice so that managers using ShopKeep’s BackOffice can track sales in real time and can manage inventory, run reports and export the data.

We’ve been seeing a lot of iPads in small businesses like restaurants, but this may be the first cash register to debut in such a high-traffic area.


We spotted the first iPad cash register back in April. It’s a custom-built one at San Francisco coffee purveyor Sightglass, just down the street from start-up Square, which makes the app with a peripheral credit card swiper used to ring up the double shots favored by the engineers who designed it.
This iPad register debuts at Joe’s, located in the Graybar passage off Lexington Avenue, next week.

If you grab a cappuccino there, send us a pic.