Denon and Marantz Want $50 To Upgrade Your A/V Equipment To Airplay



High-end a/v makers Denon and Marantz have just issued a firmware update providing AirPlay music streaming capability to nine of their network capable decks.

For Denon, that includes the the AVR-4311CI ($1,999), AVR-3311CI ($1,199) AVR-991 ($999), and the AVR-A100 ($2,499), as well as the RCD-N7 Networked CD Receiver ($599). On the Marantz side of things, there’s the SR7005 A/V Receiver ($1,599), AV7005 A/V Preamplifier ($1,499), NA7004 Network Audio Player ($799) and M-CR603 Networked CD Receiver ($699)

Amazingly, though, the firmware updates are $50 apiece. Ballsy! If that’s worth it to you, though, you can grab the firmware upgrades at both the Denon and Marantz websites.